Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Animazement 2012

Convention: Aimazement (
Date: May 25-27
Location: Raleigh, NC

Animazement is always a fun convention to go too. This year, for the second year, I judged the cosplay contest. I have always loved competing at Animazement, and did so for many years, so it is neat to be on the other side judging all the amazing costumes, the amount of creativity that people come with just amazes me!

I had not had that much time to sew because of graduating from grad school earlier in May, so I put together a lolita dress and brought some older costumes and outfits (Cooking Mama, USO Girl, and a Steampunk outfit). I also made some cute hair bows to match my dress, sadly one of them fell out of my bad while I was unloading the car and disappeared!
My new dress! So comfy! (Thanks SoulFire Studios for the photos!)

I got to room with the wonderful Chiara Scuro, who I also rocked some steampunk outfits with on Saturday night (Thanks FoxFang for the photos!)

As for the actual convention, Animazemnt always has a lot going on from a cool little artist alley, to a sweet dealers room, to concerts (which sadly I missed and as many of you know I love a good J-Pop concert), to panels and of course the Masquarade!

The dealers room was nice, lots of fun stuff! (I walked away with some cute Tasty Peach Studio's jewelry, a panda necklace shaped like a candy corn and a super cute pink Alpaca plushy!).  Because of judging I did not get to attend many panels, but all the ones my friends went too, and ran all seemed to go great and have a wonderful turnout. I was also incredibly impressed with one of the contest entrants who came to the feedback panel on Sunday, she showed up with her boyfriend in costume and a pad and pencil and asked us (the judges) how she could improve some areas of the costume, and took notes on what we said so she could improve, it was very refreshing to see someone take constructive criticism and use it to their advantage to learn, instead of getting mad about it.

Over all Animazement is always one of my favorite anime cons to go to because of all the wonderful people and wonderfully run convention. I have been going for many many years and I hope to continue to go!
One of my favorite photos taken by Quadrain! He always takes some of the best pics of my outfits and costumes!

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