Thursday, September 6, 2012

Horrorfind 2012

What: Horrorfind 14
When: Aug 31-Sept 2
Location: Gettysburg, Pa.

I used to attend Horrorfind back when it was in Huntvalley Maryland.  Sadly they moved the weekend to Labor Day weekend, which meant the con was the same time as Dragon*Con, and Dragon*Con being my absolute favorite con of the year, meant I went there. Well this year I had to attend a wedding, which was very far away from Atlanta (like 14 hours away), but very close to Gettysburg (an hour). So I went to Horrorfind for Sunday. It also helped that I had two films in the film fest (The Gnome Before Christmas, and Mr. Bubbles). So going to see one of my films on a large movie theater screen was pretty cool.

The convention area seemed way smaller than it was when it was in Maryland. I enjoyed the dealers room. The autograph room seemed to be hopping, even though I was not getting any autographs this year. I also checked out a Fx makeup panel, which was interesting to hear another fx artists take on makeup, I also brought home one tidbit that I will have to try out.

The film fest was great, the theater that it is in has great screens and comfy seats. I was really impressed and happy, definitely worth the entry fee into the film fest! We didn't take home any awards, but that's not why I make the films, it was more than worth it to get to see one of my shorts on the big screen.

All in all the day was fun at Horrorfind, I got to see some great friends I have worked with like Ben, Mel and a few others, as well as get two super cute skeleton hand hair clips! So all in all a nice day at the con, not Dragon*Con, but definitely not a complete waist either, if you are in the Gettysburg area next year definitely check out Horrorfind!

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