Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anime Mid-Atlanic 2012

Convention: Anime Mid-Atlantic
Date: June 15th-17th
Location: Chesapeake, Va

I love AMA! It has always been one of my favorite conventions to go too! I used to arrange music to play on the Oboe for the Cosplay Contest for many years.  Now I judge the Hall Costume Contest! Which is always a blast seeing all the amazing costume that are entered!

Friday I helped with the long drive to Chesapeake.  Arrived in the early afternoon and got checked into the hotel.  Then got into my Coffee lolita and went to judge the HCC!  After the HCC I went and hung out at the photo booth for a bit to see Shannon! and then headed out for food! Got to go to Joe's Crab Shack! which is always incredibly yummy (and messy!). Also stopped and got some tea, because sadly I forgot my tea.

Saturday got up early and judged the HCC in Tohru Hinda (Fruits Basket).  Finished judging, then checked out the dealers room, and oogled at the purple Alpaca dolls (which I could not buy this time :(  ).  Then chilled out for a bit, changed into USO and headed to the Cosplay Contest! Watched a lot of awesome skits! handed out awards! then went to dinner! Came back got into my music lolita skirt and went and saw Salia perform in concert! Love watching Salia in concert! She did a bunch of her new songs, as well as the Cutey Honey theme and the Gao Rangers Ending song! <3  If you get the chance to see Salia at a convention I would definitely go!

Sunday got all packed up, hung out with friends, and then made the drive back (which was even longer than before because of traffic)  Stopped at noodles on the way home and had some incredibly yummy Pad Thai for dinner!! <3

AMA was fun as always, I have so many wonderful friends that go, and I am so happy I get to judge at such a fun con! Can't wait until next year!!

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