Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Film Releases!!

So Sept is a big month for film projects I have worked on being released! It is always a great feeling to get to see the finished project and I am thrilled that two films and one Horror Host Series I worked on will be released all in the same month!

First we have Fear Fighter! I have a small acting part in this film, as well as working on Makeup Fx! Fear Fighter has an amazing story about three friends who travel into the fear world to save their friends.  The film is also unique because it is a choose your own adventure style movie! Viewers will get to choose which characters to follow, and you can watch the movie multiple times, and make different choices each time, so you are basically getting to watch multiple movies each time. Fear Fighter will be released on a website called . Flicks Sphere is cool because you can pay to watch the movie little by little (each choice you pay to watch and the entire movie costs around 2.50 or so to see, you can then go back and watch it again and choose different choices!). I had the opportunity ti beta test the film and you are all in for a treat! I am so excited for it to be released! You can find more info about it at:

Next up is Doctor EllaMental's Mad lab Picture Show! I had a very small role for this series. I made the duck puppet they use in the show! While it was a small role I love that little puppet, he is just too darn cute!!! (he is at the right hand bottom corner of the photo above) the series looks really funny! and the puppet is a ongoing character in the show! It will also be on with Fear Fighter at the beginning of September, so definitely check it out! And check out the trailer below!

And finally Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind will be available on DVD on Sept. 25th!! I am so excited about this film being released. I play one of the leads in the film named Meg! The Porkchop franchise by Razor Sharp Studios has been a total blast to work on and I am thrilled that it is being released! It is available for pre order on Amazon, Best Buy .com, as well as other online retailers. Once it is out you should also be able to find it at FYE stores.

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