Friday, August 3, 2012

Otakon 2012

Convention: Otakon
Date: July 27-29
Location: Baltimore, MD

Otakon is the yearly anime convention located at the inner harbor in Baltimore.  Anime fans gathering to wait in line for hours to get their badges and attend the convention. I thankfully work the convention so I do not have to wait in that horrible line.

Friday I got up early and got into my Cooking Mama two cosplay, which also happened to look just like the mascot for Otakon this year!I worked at the table top gaming able for a little while, then got to meet Jason David Frank!! which was awesome! I am such a huge fan of Power Rangers and he was really nice! I then went back and worked for table top gaming for many more hours. I also got to visit the artist alley and go see Kelly's Keychains artist table.  She has such amazingly cute stuff! I bought my Tardis earrings and necklace from her and wanted to see what else she had with her! I bought a super cute skeleton cameo necklace! After all this awesome stuff I then headed to change out of Cooking Mama and into my music lolita outfit! Got some photos with Sang and then headed back to work some more. After we packed up all the table top gaming stuff I went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Matthew, Ashley, Jessie, and Sang. had delicious food and a piece of Tiramisu cheesecake!

Saturday I got into my Haunted Mansion dress that I finished just before the convention! I was so happy to finally get to wear this dress! I love it! the fabric makes me so happy!!! Sang took some photos of me in the dress with my amazing red ringlet wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs! I then went to work, also did the Squishables scavenger hunt and won an amazing Blue Whale Squishable!! It is sooooo cute!!!! I also met the awesome people who do the Spinnerette web comic! ( )

Sunday was Art Auction day! I walked the art around while people spent lots of money on it! OMG! some of that stuff sold for sooooo much! I am so happy the charity auction made a lot of money this year! Last year we made a ton to help Japan relief and I am so happy I get to help with the auction every year! After the auction I made one last run around the artist alley and the dealers room, said my goodbyes, then headed home!

Overall a great Otakon! I always look forward to it every year! I was a but disappointed in their musical guest this year, but everything else was a lot of fun!

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