Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maryland Renaissance Faire 2012

What?: Maryland Renaissance Festival
When: August 25- October 21 (one weekends)
Location: Crownsville, Maryland

I have always loved going to the  Maryland Renaissance Festival. The land where it is held is amazingly beautiful and has a ton of stages and vendors areas to keep people busy for hours. I arrived around noon and found some food to eat before walking around and watching performers and looking in shops. I also got to have some incredibly yummy Raspberry Wine from Berrywine Plantations in Maryland ( ).

I spent a good amount of my time looking in the Moresca booth. I absolutely adore their clothing and was lucky enough to get a beautiful green top and blue skirt this year! (I always try to buy at least one article of clothing from them each year) I was lucky and got two this year!

It sprinkled a little in the middle of the day, and was overcast the entire time I was there (which was nice since it was cool and comfortable for the entire time).

Overall the Maryland Renaissance Festival is always a joy to attend and have a good time at! I will definately be back next year!

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