Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blood At The Beach 2

What: Blood At The Beach 2
When:November 9-11
Location: Va. Beach, Va.

This was the second show this year for Blood at the Beach. The first one being in April. The first show had an incredible turn out. This show had a bit less, but was still a fun time!

Friday I was up early. Helped my friend get her dealers table set up and then helped out at the Darkstone Table. Also saw a lot of my friends, and got to chat with them.
The second Blood at the Beach was not quite as packed as the first one, but it was still lots of fun to see all the people and all the different events going on.

Saturday I hung out with all my wonderful friends, watched a few of the films I had worked on that were in the film festival, and just had a lot of fun. Got to go to dinner with some of the greatest people in the world as well (I love my Darkstone family <3.) Mariah and I also got some awesome photos with my friend Jarod, who takes amazing photos. We dressed up in some of my steampunk outfits and got some amazing shots!

Sunday I watched the screening of Foodie, a short I did makeup Fx on.  I then hung around until the end of the convention, helped my friends pack up their vending tables, and headed home. Over all a rather fun time!

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