Friday, January 29, 2016

[Bath Products] Lush Unicorn Horn

Each Valentines Day Lush brings out some limited items, this year is no different. They have a wonderful Unicorn Horn bubbles Bar, a lip color, and lots of other amazing goodies! I picked up the Unicorn Horn Bubbles Bar while in Vegas, and have loved it! it is super cute and had a great smell! 

They put out a special flyer with all the new goodies that they have released for Valentines day! I love the look of the rose soap (since I love everything rose!) However, having a giant tub in the hotel room made the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar a better purchase! Plus look how cute it is as a unicorn horn! 

The stores had cute store settings for the products, displaying them so you could see that they were new and find them easily (which is always good since some places do not make finding new products as easy...)

The Unicorn horn itself was pretty, it has glitter in it and is pink, blue and yellow! When in the water it has a lovely purple look with glitter!! (which really excited me, because glitter in the bath!!)

Like all Bubbles Bars, you break it apart and run it under the bath water to get it broken up so the bubbles will happen! 

Once it has dissolved it makes a ton of bubbles, and I mean a ton of bubbles!! Look at all those bubbles!!! And there is also glitter in there! (can you tell I am excited by this??)

And then when all the bubbles are gone it leaves the bath this really pretty light pastel purple! (I had a hard time getting it to photograph.) 

The Unicorn Horn has a great smell as well, with lavender and ylang ylang fragrances!

The Unicorn Horn retails for 7.95 and is available for a limited time for the Valentines Day holiday so if you want a pastel purple glittery bath then go check it out!!

And can we talk about how there are six Lush stores on the Vegas Strip? That is amazing! The closest one to me is an hour away and I rarely get to go to it! So the fact that almost everywhere I walked there was a Lush was pretty awesome!  

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