Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[Loot Pets] Loot Pets January Crate - Invasion

January's Loot Pets is out! The second box in the super fun pet crate has lots of awesome stuff in it. One item this month made Jimmy a little sad, but all together still a fun crate of geeky pet goods for my favorite little Pug! This months crate came with a super cute lease, pet tag, shirt, treats and a flying disk!

We will start with the treats this month! Sweet Potato Crisps! Jimmy was SUPER excited for these, I opened the box and he went right for them! I had to break them up because they were huge but he gobbled the one I gave him up and wanted more! Also I freaking love the artwork on these bags!

Loot Pet treats? YES!

Jimmy has loved these treats! I also like that they are made in the U.S. 

The shirt this month has an X-Files theme (same as the Human Loot Crate shirt.) Jimmy is wearing a Large and it fits him well, this one also washed up great since he wore it outside and it needed to be washed after him getting it wet because of rain. 

Jimmy wants to believe! 

The one item that made me a little sad was the Battle Star Galactica flying disk. Jimmy LOVES flying disks, his favorite type of toys to play with, he was brutal on this one, it took about 10 minutes for him to do this. He was so sad when I took it away from him. I did cut out the logo and made it a coaster for my side table so it didn't go to waist. 

But I want to PLAY! Give it back Mom!!!

My favorite item from this months Pet Crate! The Space Invaders 6 foot leash! I was excited for a cute leash to go along with the cute collar from last month! This has great colors and is very well made! I love all the little space invaders that are on it!

The new collar tag! A little bone shape space ship! This went on his collar with the other tag (that is right above it in the photo!)

And this months Loot Pet Magazine. I love love love the doggy Mulder and Scully on the cover of this! It has info about all the items in it and some photos of pups from last month as well as some of the dogs of the staff at Loot Crate!
Even with the flying disk flub (which I still made into something useable), I am still very happy with Loot Pet and am excited for February's Crate with the theme of  "Dead". I am excited to see what cute stuff they have in store for my cute little Puggy! Loot crate costs 24.99 a month (19.99 plus shipping)

Check out Jimmy's and my un-boxing video!!

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