Thursday, February 11, 2016

[Geeky Bath Products] Fortune Cookie Soaps: Magic is Coming

On February 5th Fortune Cookie Soaps released a throwback collction of their "Magic is Coming" Collection, a fairy tale inspired collection of soaps, perfumes, shampoo bars and hand sanitizers. I was able to get two of the products before they all sold out (and oh buddy they sold out quick! two of the items I had in my cart sold out before I could pay......)

I was able to snag the Evil Queen Bar Soap and the Prince Charming Hand Sanitzer. I had never tried Fortune Cookie Soaps (I missed the Doctor Who set they did sadly.) So I was excited to try these out! 

First thing I got out of my box was the Evil Queen Hand Soap. This was wrapped up nicely in a bag with a cute printed sticker on it. One thing I have noticed by looking at their webpage and their photos on Instagram is Fortune Cookie Soaps are all about the presentation of their products, which is great for a company to show pride in their quality and the display of their products. 

The soap looks lovely! It is a black heart with a red splatter over it. I really liked the smell of this soap. It is not fruity or sweet, since it is the Evil Queen. It has an eloquent must smell to it. Which makes sense since the webpage says this soap has Sandalwood and a spicy musk scent to it. I was weary about purchasing this, thinking I wouldn't like the smell, I really like this though.  This soap was $ 4.99 and you can find it online here, it is sold out right now but hopefully they will bring it back in stock soon!

The second item I was able to get a hold of was the Prince Charming OCD Hand Sanitzer. I keep a bottle of hand sanitzer in my purse all the time, since I am generally around a lot of people. I was excited that one of the items that Fortune Cookie Soaps make is hand sanitzer. I could smell citrus scents in this hand sanitizer and a bit of mango as well. You could also smell the alcohol in it as well, which is common in hand sanitzers since that is an active ingredient. Not my favorite item out of the two, but it will definitely get used. This 1 oz. bottle was $2.80 and can be found on their webpage here.

I will say I am very impressed with the quality of the items I did get from this set. I am really excited to try more of their products in the future. They also do a quarterly soap box that I want to try and snatch one up and check out too! Check out Fortune Cookie Soaps webpage here. 

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