Friday, October 28, 2016

[Tea Review] Vida Pour Tea's Organic Rooibos Apple Pie Chai

Next up for the awesome Vida Pour tea fall blends that I got to try is their Organic Appple Pie Chai Rooibos. I am a sucker for chai or spiced teas, and even more so when they smell like apple pie. This tea has an amazing smell and makes you want to make a cup to enjoy with some vanilla ice cream to go along. 

This tea is a Rooibos blend with dried apples and chai spices (cloves, cinnamon, and so on.) It has a great apple smell, with cinnamon and clove scents, and just smells yummy. The taste is also amazing! It has a great cinnamon apple taste to go along with the rooibos tea, it is light and not too sweet and really hits the spot on a cold afternoon. 

This tea looks beautiful. I had to use my tiniest infuser since it is Rooibos. It has dried apples, and cloves and cinnamon and is just so pretty to look at, tea wise, and you just want to sit and smell the amazing aroma it lets off. If you want to check out this amazing tea it can be purchased at Vida Pour Tea, in Greensboro, NC. This was a special blend made for fall, so you will have to possibly ask for it to be made. They sell on their webpage and in their store, so even if you are not in NC. you can still get some yummy tea!

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