Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones! Kickstarter

So back in October of 2013 I backed the second Bones kickstarter. I back the first one with friends, you can see that post here. This time I only got add on options and nothing big. I really wanted the plastic mouslings, some dragons and some heroes. The box this time was much smaller. Basically Ill just post some photos of the miniatures I got in this kickstarter and let you know what they are so you can see the quality and how they are made.

These Mouslings are so cute! I have a bunch of metal ones from Bones, but these are so much easier to manage and the detail is great! These mouslinsgs are all fantasy themed. Princess, Wizard, robin hood type, and so on. I cannot wait to paint these!

  Next up I have the new design of Mr. Bones! This guy is awesome. He has great detail, and is one solid piece of plastic!

I also got some Faeries and Centaurs.

And Dragon welplings                                                                                                          
 Got an awesome Shark and some sea nymphs

New Sophie

Also got a heroes pack, these were two of the heroes that didn't have to be put together.

So overall I am super happy with the minis I got. I was REALLY sad that their police box miniature only came in a add on set for 50$. It was not worth the money to me since all the other minis in the set were not ones I would have used and I desperately wanted that police box.

Overall I have been happy with the quality of the Bones minis in their new plastic line. I have so many of the metal figures, and I really like these way better.

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