Friday, November 20, 2015

[Geek Chic] Fun Geeky Leggings For the Cost Savvy Geek Girl

I love my leggings! And while I cannot afford Black Milk, or the more expensive brands, I have found a few different brands of high quality tights that come in a lot of really fun geeky prints that almost anyone should be able to find!  I also have one dud to stay away from!

We Love Fine is a go to for fun ladies and mens geeky clothing. They have monthly design contests for T-Shirts and are on top of great dress, scarves and cardigan fashion that is party ready or office ready. They also make fricken fantastic tights! I have two pairs of their tights, a regular pair and a shiny pair. 

I bought my Spider Gwen tights at DragonCon this year, they are fantastic, thick stretchy material that does not look thin or see through when you are wearing them. I can wear these tights in the winter and I will be comfortable being outside or inside. They are also very comfortable around the waist. They washed well too, the color did not fade and they did not shrink at all.
Cost: $37.50

These were also a pair of tights purchased at the We Love Fine booth at DragonCon. They are not as thick as the Spider Gwen tights, however they are really comfortable, and I love the way they look when I am wearing them. The TARDIS design is so fun and there are even Dalek and Doctors peaking out of the TARDIS. They are super stretchy (even though I had to buy a size up because their shiny tights seem to be a bit tighter than their regular tights due to the type of fabric they use.) The only downside to these tights are the small area on the back that the finish came off so they have a small sticky area on them. They have been washed a few times, they faded a little, but they are still fantastic to wear!
Cost: $34.00

JC Pennys has a lot of great Star Wars clothing right now, including a whole bunch of Mighty Fine Star Wars Leggings. These are made of a thinner spandex fabric than the We Love Fine ones, but are at a lower cost point. They are very comfortable (You will have to fix the waist on them throughout the day wearing them.) They are very soft, and the pattern does not stretch out horribly when you put them on. The thread is super sturdy, and doesn't seem like it will pop when you pull them on. If you catch JC Pennys when they have a sale you can get them for around 15$ which is a GREAT price for such wonderful leggings!! They also have a lot of other great designs other than the one pair I bought, so they really fit any taste. They also washed well (line dried them)
Jc Pennys has also started carrying some Disney, Minions, and marvel tights as well depending on your store and what they have, all for the same prices as the Star Wars leggings.
Cost: $26 ($15 when on sale) 

Marvel's Clothing Line

Marvel has been releasing a lot of really fun clothing in a lot of different stores. These leggings were found at JC Pennys. They are a Cotton/Spandex combination so they are not as sleep as the other leggings in this post, but are so incredibly comfortable. I loved the design of them as well because Black Widow WAS on them! I have seen some stores that still have them, so they are hit or miss if you can find them, however JC Pennys has a WIDE variety of Marvel tights. However if you follow their Style  by Marvel instagram you can find out where they have other Marvel inspired clothing on sale at.
Cost: $26

I love Teefury for their daily shirts, and when they started making tights I fell in love with a bunch of their designs that they had. They have a wide variety of designs and geeky series designs (Doctor Who, Disney, Comics, Pokemon, etc.) they also have skirts made out of the same leggings material with the same designs. The material is thick and incredibly soft. They feel amazing on your skin. The design does lighten when you wear them, but it is not super noticeable. I seriously cannot say how much I love these tights, they are so fun, comfortable and I love wearing them! The ones below are their Lavender Town Leggings.  They have also been washed many times and their color has not faded and are still as stretchy as the first time I wore them.
Cost $37


Palicy Leggings

These are by far the worst quality tights I have ever seen. They are around $5 on Ebay, so I was not expecting much as it was, but holy cow (they are also on Amazon as well). You try to put your leg in them and they rip at the seams. The spandex is super low quality and the thread is incredibly weak. I would not suggest these to anyone! They are for the most part knock off tights from other brands with fantastic quality, but the only thing they have in common is the design on the fabric.
Cost $5

There are many other brands out there that make great leggings. These are just the ones I have been able to purchase/ have been gifted and wear. All are under $40 and to me that is a reasonable price. But if you are really on a budget and still want those cute Geeky leggings I would stick to JC Pennys or Target (which has a very limited selection.)

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