Sunday, November 22, 2015

Makeups I Did for the Halloween Season!

So October is always a fun time where people want fun makeups done of themselves for costume! I had the opportunity to do a fun makeup on myself for the Charlotte Geek Gala this year, An old age makeup for a friend for spirit week at work, as well as makeups on friends for Anime Conventions held in October and November!

Fawn Makeup:
I was not quite sure what to wear for the Geek Gala this year, but I wanted to do something fun. So I looked at my makeup bag and decided to do a fawn makeup since the dress I had matched the woodsy earthy theme of fawns. This was super fun, and I even got to play Ukulele while in this get up, which was pretty cool.
I also had a little fun before I took all the makeup off! 

Old Age Makeup

This was done completely with eye shadows and eye liners since one of my friends dressed up as an old lady for her class for spirit week during the month of October at work. She rocked it in her MuuMuu with her powdered grey hair! This was a quick, fun makeup (maybe 10 or so minutes if that) 

Walter White- Breaking Bad

One of my friends decided for BanzaiCon this year he wanted to be Walter White. He asked me if I could do a bald cap and makeup on him for the costume. I spent about two hours doing the makeup on him and then did minimal makeup on my other friend who was dressing as Jessie Pinkman. 

Rose of Versailles Fancy Ladies!

Two of my friends dressed as characters from Rose of Versaille for Nekocon this year. I did their beauty makeup for their costumes!  Their dresses were amazing and they both looked amazing! The bow lips are my favorite part of their makeups! So regal!



  1. Really like how effective the old age makeup was.

    I have a script that requires some EXTREME old age makeup, though I'm thinking I might as well just go all the way to grotesquely old, as opposed to realistic old. Which must be hard because Hollywood does such a bad job at it (was Dick Smith the only gy who could pull it off?)

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah for extreme old makeup you would almost need to use some prosthetics to make it look extreme, well that and some awesome camera shadow work.