Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Loot Crate] March Vs. Loot Pets

I have been doing Loot Pets since it started. I love having something fun for my sweet Puggy every month! And Jimmy loves toys and treats so it is a win, win deal! This months was a lot of fun too! The theme was Vs. and had a lot of cute items from upcoming movies and past tv shows and movies that went along with the theme. 

The Shirt!

This months shirt was a Star Trek "Mirror Universe" theme. With Spock on it. 

Jimmy is always happy to wear geeky shirts! 

And thinks he would look awesome with a goatee! Ya know "Evil Jimmy!"

As always the shirt is awesome and well made! Jimmy is really funny in that he loves wearing clothing and will run around in it for hours, so being something he is comfy in is great! 

A Batman Toy! 

Going along with the VS. theme and Batman vs. Superman being the big movie at the moment, There was a BvS dog toy in this months box! Jimmy loves these type of toys, and I hope this one holds up to the extreme type of play Jimmy does! 

 Captain America Disposable Water Bowl

This is the only item in this months box I am not so sure about. I don't like using too many disposable items with my dog if I do not have too. I almost with this had been a reusable water bow,l instead. But it will be put in his bag and used one day when he needs some water. 

 Treats! "Ruff 'em Ups! Fruity Protein Puff for Pups!

Jimmy loves all the treats that Loot Pets sends! I am sure he is going to do a little dance and his tricks for these too! The artwork, as always on the bags, is fantastic! Love that these are made in the US as well!

More treats! Turduck'nstein Menacing Meat Treats for Dogs! 

More treats! I will say I am having a hard time getting through all the treats we have been sent in the last two months, but Jimmy does love them, so that's what counts! Also more cute bag art!

The Charm!

This months charm is super cute Alien Vs. Predator charm! Love it and it will be a great addition to his collar!

Overall I am still loving the Loot Pets Box! Next months theme is Quest and I am soooooooo excited for that one! I look forward to the Pet crate way more than the human crate and I know Jimmy loves getting new toys and treats each month! Want to check out Loot Pets? Go here for more info!

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