Thursday, May 5, 2016

[Geeky Makeup] Espionage Cosmetics BOOM Box April 2016! Fabled

A few months ago Espionage Cosmetics launched their BOOM Box, a makeup and more box that features their nail wraps, lips and all over colors as well as other geeky/nerdy companies items as well! I missed out on the first two boxes due to funds, but was able to subscribe for their third box which was themed "Fabled". I was so excited for this box, as you can tell from many of my posts, I LOVE espionage cosmetics and their nail wraps and other products (I am currently buy their all over shadow and stocking up on colors to do a fun makeup!) So I was so excited to see what I would get in this months box, since I was starting to run low on nail wraps and with the school year ending soon and only having my film makeup jobs to make up for the income, the extra spending wont be happening much!

This months box had a lot of great goodies in it, and I was so excited to see what was going to be in there, the previous two boxes were fantastic, so this one had to be too!!
 So lets get started with all the awesome in them!

I'll star off with the fun Espionage swag that they send in their boxes. A fab nail file (since you need those to do the nail wraps!) a emblem sticker with everything you need in like (makeup, unicorns, and swords!) and a business card for the Boom Box! Now onward to the super exciting stuff!

Digital Soaps teamed up with the BOOM Box and offered a lovely glittery unocorn head soap! Looking at the card in the box it looks like there were three colors, Green (which I got), Purple and Blue. It is sparkly which is awesome and a unicorn! It will go amazing in my bathroom and I am very excited by Nerdy bath items!

Another amazing bath item in this months box, Rosina Leckermaul's House of Sweets Strawberry & Basil Sugar Scrub. This stuff smells like heaven, if heaven smelled like strawberries and basil. It has a great sugar scrub consistency and smells and feels wonderful to use! And it is bright pink! So bright and wonderful looking and smelling! It also leaves your skin smelling and feeling amazing after a shower!

Next up is an item from the Espionage Geek Boutique,  a set of three lovely mermaid inspired note cards, each has a saying in the lower corner and has a shiny scale motif on them. They are post card styles note cards and have envelopes to put them in once you have written your message on the back!

These fun temporary fairy tattoos are a first for Espionage! The box came with two packs of the same fairy designs, the dancing gold fairies then the written words as well. I am really excited to wear these since I loved the temporary tattoos as a kid and these feel like an older version of those! Also fairies! 

I was SOOOOOOOO excited when I found out that the box would contain a new color for their everything shadow and a Lip serum! I was even more excited when I opened the box and the lip serum was purple (my favorite color!) The everything shadow is called Rumpelstiltskin and is a gold/yellow color. The Lip serum is called Banshee and is a sheer purple. You can mix the two together too (what the small plastic container is for) and make a peachy color as well! I have had so much fun using these, their Lip Serums are not sticky, they are super moisturizing and they feel amazing on your lips (and smell amazing too!)

The last item in the BOOM Box is what I was most excited about! I LOVE Espionage's nail wraps, I wear them all the time and am always excited when I am able to get new designs to wear and coordinate with my outfits! This months box had two new designs and you got one or the other (a Fairy design) and then the Valknjoggr, a dragon design, which is the one I received. Everyone also got Mystical Mane, a unicorn inspired set with fabulous glittery main nails and unicorn eyes as well! I am so excited to wear these since they both look amazing and I love the fantasy styles so much!

You can check out the BOOM Box here online! hey are now taking orders for June, so if you want to get in on the next one that has the theme Naturally Awesome, then get on it quick, they do sell out each month! 

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