Tuesday, July 26, 2016

[Geeky Makeup] Espoinage Cosmetics June 2016 BOOM Box! Naturally Awesome!

June's BOOM Box is my second box that I have gotten from Espionage Cosmetics, and I LOVE it! I wear their nail wraps all the time, so getting more nail wraps to add to my collection to choose from when I put new ones on is always awesome! This months theme was "Naturally Awesome" and came with a lot of really amazing items 

First off the nail wraps, this box had two designs in it, Pretty Poison and Turquoise. Pretty Poison is a leaf and vine deisgn with a venus fly trap on it. It is a clear design so you can wear nail polish under it, I decided not too when I wore these.  

I really loved how this design looks and  the earthy tones went with basically everything I would wear while I had these on!

The next item in this months box were three color sheets and a set of 12 color pencils. The sheets have the Espionage crest on them, a Fern Gully page and one with the word Powers on it, and who doesn't love to color! 

The next item is one of my favorites from the box, a fun "Feed Me" candle from Boozy Arts. I LOVE candles and use them all the time, so a new candle is always welcome in my house. This one has a pine/tree/earthy smell to it and it pleasant.

It also looks awesome lit!

I love Espionage's everything shadow.  So getting three colors that are meant for highlighting but could also be used as eye shadows and lip colors, so having so many options to use them for is great! I love versatile makeup! These colors have really fun names too! The bronzer color is called "Terrafirma" (bottom), A white highlighter with a hint of pink in it is called "Thermosphere" (left side), and the last highlighter is called "Cryosphere" (right side).

The final item in the box is absolutely my favorite out of all the items in it! Treestar Hair Pins!!!! The Land Before Time is one of my all time favorite movies. I LOVE dinosaurs and still have my Little Foot stuffed doll that my parents bought me when the movie came out, so I may have made some happy screams when I saw these after opening the BOOM Box! up. 

The stars are made fro wonderful quality and the hair pins fit tightly into the hair.  Such an amazing item to have in this box!!!

So far I have had nothing but good things to say about Espionage Cosmetics, and recommend them to all my friends who love geeky makeup! Want to check out the BOOM Box! or their monthly NEXUS? Check them out here!

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