Tuesday, July 12, 2016

[Loot Crate] June Level Up! Accessories "Dystopia" Theme

Loot Crate Level Up! has so far been my favorite of the Loot Crates to consistently have stuff I want in it each month. This months theme of "Dystopia" was intriguing as to what they would be sending, and I am really happy about this months items!

The two items this month were a Attack On Titan necklace and a Firefly Kaylee hanging travel case. 

We'll start off with my favorite item for this month! The Firefly Kaylee Hanging Travel Bag! I love that Level Up does send unique items that you wouldn't think of them sending, and this travel case is super cute and very handy for trips, or to store your makeup in. it opens into three compartments and has multiple pockets for storage. I absolutely love this and squeed! when I opened the mailer!

The next item they sent is an Attack On Titan Necklace with the Survey Corps. logo on it. I like Attack on Titan and the necklaces Level Up sends are great quality but I really wish they wouldn't send so many necklaces, they have sent a lot in the last few months, so a change up of a different jewelry piece would be nice. But that's just my opinion with the amount of new necklaces I now have from them!

I absolutely love every month I get this package in the mail and look forward to it! Want to check it out? then head here for the info!

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