Monday, September 19, 2016

[Tea Review] Owl's Flower Tea from Discover Tea

This weeks tea review is a little different than my normal reviews. I have reviewed one of Discover Tea's custom blends before with their Oolong Who, so I was excited to get to review another custom blend (that can be ordered if this sounds like something you would like.) Along with the tea I also have photos fro the Owl's Flower book release party. Owl's Flower is a light novel series from Kara Dennison and Ginger Hoesly (the two wonderful ladies who did art for my cookbooks.) Also, since the light novel series has a small focus on food, I have contributed a recipe per book that goes along with the story.

Owl cookies from the release party. Honey Sugar cookies, recipe by me and you can find it in the first book.
During InterventionCon in Rockville Maryland The two had a book release party on the Saturday of the convention where they had their two custom blend teas and honey cookies made from my recipe. During the party they gave away some cute gift baskets with Owl's Flower mugs and tea in them. 

The first tea blend that I tried was called "Owl's Flower" An Oolong bend with Sage and Floral Scents to it. The actual tea for this blend was lovely, you can see the sage in there with the Oolong and the sage really is the main smell you can smell when you take a wiff off this tea out of the bag. The floral scents are in the background but there is a great earthy smell to this tea.

The sage smell comes through once brewed too. And it is such a lovely dark color in the cup. The taste is earthy, with the sage at the front and the floral scents in the back after the initial taste. 

The next tea that I tried was called Stormy and was prepared as a cold brew with seltzer water. 

Stormy is a Lamarche Spice, Cherry Rose Green Tea and Lime. The blend has a great green tea taste and with the seltzer water is has a unique taste to it. 

The tea itself looks love, the green tea leaves look great and it has a wonderful fruity/spice smell to it. The Cherry Rose Green tea on its own is one of my favorites from Discover Tea so I was really excited this as included in this blend. 

The color was a lovely light color, and had little bubbles in it from the Pelogrino. Very fun and unique way to prepare the tea. 

Ginger and Kara at their release party held at InterventionCon 7

And check out the wonderful convention, InterventionCon here! Intervention is an amazing convention that focuses on creators and all the work they do and helping others who want to be creative achieve their goals to do so!

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