Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[Beauty] BB Bag May 2016

May was the second month I have been getting the BB Bag, and I am thrilled with this monthly subscription bag that comes with 6 full sized Korean beauty products in it. May's theme was Festival Friendly Finds. The bag had six wonderful products and a few I absolutely loved and was very happy to try out and now use regularly in my beauty regimen.

Milky Dress SOS Blemish Cream ($9.00) I had never heard of this blemish cream, but I was willing to try it out since I had a blemish on my skin. I put this cream on it when I went to bed, and it did help bring it down. I used it for two nights and the blemish had gone away. This cream worked wonderfully and I have used it a few times since I got my BB Bag and it has continued to impress me.

The Saem Healing Garden Tea Cleansing Tissue ($8.00). I use makeup cleansing tissues regularly and has run out before getting my BB Bag so I was excited to get something that I normally use. I had never tried this brand however. These wipes worked great, they are not as wet as some I have tried, but they felt good on the skin, and there are a lot of them so they will last me for awhile. One thing I love about this bag is that I get products I will use and not just set aside, like these. 

Kinepin Beauty Nail Company Nail Kit ($6.00). I use a lot of nail wraps so products that help me do my nails are always wanted. This kit comes with a variety of tools for doing your nails from the little stick to push down your cuticles to the finger/toe separators, and so on. All are decent quality and will get used so Yay! 

Prelab Toning Peeling Tap ($20.00). This was the one item I wasnt quite sure about when I was looking at it. They seem to be a face washing and moisturizer. You wet your face, then squeeze these little tabs and they exfoliate and moisturize the skin, you then rinse off the product and discard the little tab. I have used them a few times and they seem to be good. 

 The Saem Fresh Bamboo Smooth Gel ($15.00) This is a face and body moisturizer. The consistency is like aloe gel to me. It is to help moisturize dry dull skin. I love the cooling effect that the gel has on my skin when I use it, and the packaging is also pretty cool, since it is a giant piece of bamboo. 

Nail Polish ($7.00) I got a light pink nail polish in my set this month. The color is pretty and will get used by either me or my mother in the future, since nail polish (and nail wraps) are worn pretty regularly by myself. 

So far I have not been disappointed in the BB Bag, I really like all the item and am super excited for next month (which also had a food beauty theme so of course I am REALLY excited about that.) The bag is $24.99 a month and comes with six full sized products. You can check it out here.

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