Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[Kickstarter] Purrista Pawfee Cat Plush by Kimchi Kawaii

Back in January I found out about a really cure Kickstarter that was going on from artist Kimchi Kawaii. It was to get all her really cute Cat cafe inspired art made into plushies! There was a large variety of plushies, mainly a cute cat as a coffee cup, but the one that caught my eye was a stretch goal, The Mewcaron! I had to have this cute kitty French Macaron, so I waited until she met the goal for it and pledged $30 to get the cute little guy! I also got a really fun sticker as well. The kickstarter did amazingly well making $ 23,107!!! That's a lot of plush kitties!

This little guy is super soft and squishy and 8 inches tall! And look how happy he is! Kimchi Kawaii has also stated designing a purple and green one as well that each have different expressions!

The sticker I received is of the Catpuccino, which was the main goal for the kickstarter! This sticker is super cute and will find a good home on something of mine very soon! 

I know Kimchi Kawaii has a few other cute coffee cat inspired plushies that they are working on, and if you follow them on facebook you get to see some cute sketches that she posts of ideas as well! You can check them out here online!


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