Tuesday, April 5, 2016

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps "Perfect Pitch"

I worked at Regeneration Who last weekend and wanted to let me geek fashion sense shine through, so I decided to pull out the Espionage nail wraps I still had and put on a pair! Since I wore my Nebula ones for Mysticon I only had Music Notes and Sherlock left to choose from, so I chose the music note ones. Not only am I a musician and music teacher but I was also getting to play Ukulele in a concert at the con, so I figured they were fitting (and fit my personality anyways since music is kind of an incredibly large part of my life.....)

I love the packaging of Espionage's nail wraps. Each one has its own design and description inside of the package, they do not just reuse the same design for every different nail wrap. 

The inside of Pitch Perfect had a sheet music print in it (the nebula one had descriptions of each nebula used.) This attention to packaging detail really impressed me, since you don't always see that much dedication to designs in packaging. 

I had never used nail wraps until I did my nails for Mysticon (I generally throw a coat of nail polish on and go about my day.) I was really surprised at how easy these little nail "stickers" were to put on (especially since my nails are not long and I have a hard time keeping them long between just breaking and trimming them to play.)

I really appreciate that there are multiple sizes offered since not everyone's thumbs are the same size! (also with what I have left over I can trim and do some other nail art later!)

And look at how awesome they look! Like seriously my nails are made of music notes right now and that is amazing! I have been wearing them for just over a week and they are still hanging in there strong, I have had to add a top coat on one or two since I was pretty rough on them at Regen, but I foresee these lasting at least two weeks! 

 and that's with me playing on the Uku everyday for a few hours at a time. 

After two weeks of wear, still going strong. The tips are a tiny bit chipped, but its not noticeable at all, and I still love how they look! 

You can find Pitch Perfect Nail Wraps Here. They retail for $10.00. Also check out all the other stuff Espionage has on their site while you are there! They do eye shadows, nail wraps, bath bomb cupcakes, and more. 

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