Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[Kickstarter] Norfolk Merpugs by Shlii

So I am way behind on writing about some of the fun Kickstarters I helped fund. I got this one back in November, if that says anything! I love Pugs (If you couldn't tell.) So when I found out about Shlii's Merpug plushy kickstarter, I had to donate and get one! I love Pug stuffed animals and this one was also a mermaid, which are also pretty awesome. 

I donated $25.00 to this one, which got me the Mer Pug plush, a sticker, and a computer wallpaper. The quality of the plush is fantastic and it is so soft and squishy! Also being from Virginia, I thought the concept of taking the Norfolk Mermaid and making it into cute dogs was a really fun idea!

Even my grumpy Siamese kitty thought so!

I was able to pick my stuff up at NekoCon once Shlii found out I donated and had stuff in it, since it saved her on having to ship it to me, which I was thrilled since I really wanted this little guy! 

And now he has a wonderful home next to all my other Pug plushies (which truthfully are not that many.) I would definately check out all the awesome stuff that Shlii does, her Facebook page is here, and it has links to her other sites that she has. 

You can check out the link to see how well her Kickstarter did here

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