Tuesday, April 12, 2016

[Geeky Body Products Review] Buttered Buns Studios Body Wash and Lotions

At Katsucon this past February I picked up some items from Buttered Buns Studios. Three lotions and a body wash. I am always excited when I see small indie brands making beauty products and try to support them as best I could. All of the products at Buttered Buns Studios looked super cute and they had a really good variety at their artist alley table.

They had a wide range of fragrances and products, from chap-sticks, to lotions to body washes. I opted to get three lotions and one body wash since they had a special going on (I believe it was buy three get one free, if I remember right)

The first lotion I got has a super cute name "Filler Episode" which we all have seen and either love or hate in a series we are watching. This lotion is a watermelon scented lotion smells amazing, and it is hard to find good watermelon scented products so I was excited when I smelled this one!

Blackberry Bramble Tea is probably my favorite out of the three lotions I got. I love tea scented fragrances and when you add fruit to them they get even better. I also adore the artwork on the bottles! This lotion has a spicy smell along with the fruitiness which is a nice change from the one above which is very fruity. 

The last two I purchased were the same fragrance, but I got a lotion and body wash. "Ocarina of Lime" was too good to pass up. I mean first the name is a pun, and I love puns. Second it is lime scented, which is always a pleasant smell to me. The body wash lathers well and the smell stays strong while you are using it. The lotion smells exactly the same as the body wash and is a great follow up after using it. Out of the three I purchased, this is the most subtle fragrance of the three. The lotion (like all the others) also makes your skin feel really soft.

I would definitely look up Buttered Bun Studios, or visit them at a con and check out their stuff! I am happy I got what I did, and I am sure it will not last long. You can find them here on FB. Other links for their social sites are on their card above!

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