Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[Geek Chic] Her Universe Avengers Active Wear at Kohls

Kohl's with Her Universe released a set of Avengers active wear in their stores towards the end of March. I went and checked them out (and purchased three items.) and was really thrilled with the quality of everything! I love Her Universe and own a lot of stuff from them, so the fact I could drive to a store and see their brand there made me a very happy geek girl! The Kohl's I visited didn't have all the items (I was hoping for some of the Iron Man items) or a bunch of sizes (second choice was a Black Widow top that they didn't have in my size.) However, I did drool over the items they did have which were the sports bras, Capri exercise pants, shorts and some of the shirts. All of them were on sale too, so that made it even sweeter.

The Avengers active wear line, at the moment has items for Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow. I purchased a Captain America top and the Black Widow yoga shorts.

The Captain America Shield muscle tee was probably the softest shirt they had that I felt. This fabric is so soft and comfortable. It is made big since it is a muscle tee and meant for working out in. It is very comfortable when I tried it on and wore it for a little while. The top retails for $24, and can be found on Kohl's webpage here (or in the store)

The second item I purchased were the Black Widow yoga shorts. These shorts are perfect for working out in, or if you need a pair of shorts to wear under a short skirt (which they will be used for both most likely.) They are comfortable, stretchy and look good when wearing them, I really have nothing bad to say about these. I am incredibly happy with the quality and it is exactly what I expect from Her Universe. I am also really happy to see so many Black Widow themed items! These retail for $24.00 and can be found online here or in the store. 

The last item I purchased were the Black, Black Widow Capri exercise pants. I am so excited for these pants, they are stetchy, soft and look wonderful! I am so excited for there to be geeky workout clothing options! (You can see them on the mannequin in the first photo.) These retail for $36.00 (but are on sale right now.) you can find them here.

Overall I am so thrilled with this clothing line and I hope it does well that Her Universe starts showing up in more stores. I also hope they do a Hulk set since that would mean Green and Purple Hulk inspired clothing! The sizes are also in Junior and plus sizes, so Her Universe is showing that all ladies who love Geeky clothing can wear them, no matter their size!

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