Monday, August 1, 2016

[Tea Review] Aleli "Cidron-Uchuva" Herbal Tea

I was brought back three boxes of grocery store Colombian tea from a friends trip there a few weeks ago. I figured they would be a fun unique tea to review! The first of the three that I am reviewing is by a company called Aleli and is a Herbal fruit tea called "Cidron-Uchuva"

I had no idea what to expect from the teas I was given. I knew the thing on the package was some sort of gooseberry fruit, and that was about it. However after translating the top of the package I got a better understand of what the tea is supposed to be. "Herbal infusion of cidron, lemongrass, and gooseberry flavor."

My first impression of this tea was the slight fruity smell of it, very faint. It wasn't bad and it wasn't good. I didn't have the strong desire to want to try this tea from the smell, like others I have reviewed and smelled and really wanted to drink them.

The taste was weird, it has a small fruit taste and a fruity aftertaste as well. It was not bad but it also was not my favorite thing to drink. Out of the three teas that I was given from Colombia, this was my least favorite.

This package came with unwrapped tea bags (the package was sealed in plastic.) it was about $1 at the grocery store (around 3,000 Colombian Pesos.) so this isn't very fancy tea, pretty low standard, but still a very interesting taste, something I had never experienced in all the tea drinking I have done. I looked all over the internet and could not find a webpage or anything about this tea online so no webpage links this time.

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