Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[Japanese Snacks] Cafe Cat & Paw Marshmallows

Japan has this amazing knack for making super cute food items! And the Cafe Cat Marshmallows are no different! These super cute marshmallows that have a little kitty or its paws peaking out from your cup of hot cocoa.

Each box comes with cute art on the front and six individually wrapped marshmallows in it! The packaging for these was fantastic, the presentation was just as amazing as the marshmallows taste and overall quality! The ribbons were an added thing they did for the Christmas holiday season!

Look how cute those little kitties are! Just waiting to peak out of your hot drink (or drown, either way you want to think about it ;) )

Each box has six wrapped marshmallows. Two Kitty heads, and four paws (2 vanilla and 2 chocolate.)

Look how cure this guy is!

Vanilla paws you just want to boop!

And the chocolate ones!

They also look super cute in a cup of cocoa! 

But soon the cuteness melts away.....

These boxes can only be bought in Japan through buying services or the official webpage for the Cafe Cat&Paw here. I got lucky and one of my friends did an order for them, The webpage also has other really cute marshmallows and other products too!  They also have a Facebook Page with lots of cute photos! 

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