Monday, March 21, 2016

[Tea Review] Discover Teas "Doctor Whoolong"

Discover Teas is a great tea shop/tea bar in Williamsburg, Va. that has many teas, all made with all natural flavors. For Regeneration Who 2 this year in they blended a special convention tea for the cons event "Tea With the Doctor". Doctor Whoolong  is a special blend that was created for the convention's event, and I was lucky enough to get to try it (and it is also available as a special order through their shop from what I was told!)

This tea was FANTASTIC!  It is a Black Tea and Oolong blend with vanilla, and black currant. You could really taste and smell the vanilla and it had a hint of fruity flavor to it with the black currant in it. 

The tea also smelled wonderful and looked lovely!  The leaves were fresh and had a vanilla tea smell to them. Find out more about Discover Teas here!

Check out the video I filmed last year at Regeneration Who 1's Tea With the Doctor

"Tea With the Doctor" is a special event that (Re)Generation Who 2 attendees had the option to purchase along with their badge to have tea with some of the guests at the convention! The Doctor Who Guests move from table to table, giving the attendees a rare up close experience with these wonderful actors!

Photos from RegenWho 2's Tea With the Doctor by Megan

I also got to use this lovely mug from one of the dealers in the dealers room at Regeneration Who. It was made by Jen Snyder Photography and they can be found in Bel Air Maryland at Urban Pearl. The lovely TARDIS tea towel is from Mage Creations, they make all sorts of items and you should check them out!

Find out more about Regeneration Who here and Intervention, its sister con!

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