Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Espionage Cosmetics Nebulae Nail Wraps

I have been wanting to try out Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps for a really long time. I don't generally keep my nails long, they are thin and break easy (plus that whole playing Ukulele thing can be rough too.) but I really love all their cute geeky/nerdy designs and wanted to try them out, and let me tell you, I am HOOKED! I ordered during their black Friday sale so the design I am about to review is currently discontinued (and I am kind of sad about that because it looks really cool!) However I have others that are not and will be wearing and reviewing as well! I ordered a total of four designs (one of them was a Christmas gift, however, the blood splatter design.)
To start off I love the way they ship their packages, the envelopes are sturdy the way they are shipped and they will not bend or get messed up, also water proof, which is nice depending on what products you are ordering since Espionage also does eye shadows, bath bombs and lip colors. (All of which I cannot wait to try!)
They also have the cutest sticker on the package!
The design I decided to wear for the con is called Nebulae, it has a bunch of Nebulas on the nail wraps, and each one is an actual nebula, they even have them listed on the packaging so you know which one you are using! (Orion, Crab, Rosette, Lagoon, and Carina are what each one is based on.)
So nail wraps are super easy, I was worried I would have some problems with them since, not all my nails were long. However they went on and stayed on really well with even my shorter nails. (I did my best to grow them out the weeks leading up to Mysticon, since I really wanted to have them to wear with all my TARDIS dresses I had for the con!)
Basically you take these nail stickers and figure out which fits on your finger (there are a few different sizes, I still had to trim a few to fit my fingers, so don't rule out that option, it is easier to do so before you peal it off the backing though!)
I put a top coat on my nails before putting the stickers on, but that is optional. I cut the sticker off its backing, placed it on my nail and got it in place, then pealed off the top plastic piece, this made it easier for me to get them in place. You trim the sticker so you have a little extra to stick to the back of your nail, then file the extra off. I was nervous this would be difficult to do, it really was not and now I am excited to try out the other designs I purchased! I finished mine off with Essie's gel setter top coat so they would have a nice shine to them and keep the nail designs on longer.
These fantastic nail wraps stay on for about two weeks, mine lasted just over a week, but that is with me playing Ukulele and having incredibly thin nails. Which in truth is longer than nail polish stays on my nails! I cannot wait to try out the other ones I have and coordinate some fun makeups with them!
I have been sick or I would have done a video tutorial on how to wear these, I will do those once I have my voice back form this awful bronchitis I have had! So keep an eye out for a video on how to apply the nail wraps!
You can find all the amazing Nail Wraps (along with their eye shadows, Bath Bombs and lip colors as well, AND their Boom Box subscription box ((which I will hopefully get to get one and review one day!)) On Espionage's webpage here! Most of the nail wraps are around $10.00.

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