Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[Geek Makeup Review] Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Eyeshadow Pallete

Sugarpill Cosmetics released an eyeshadow pallet an two nail polishes in celebration of Edward Scissorhands 25th anniversary.

The pallet has six shadows ranging from matte to frost in look, cool to dark in color. The colors are an interesting blend, the top has a row of cooler colors and the bottom are the warmer shades, each named to fit the movie.

The packaging is great too, it is the normal Sugarpill paper pallet, with a small mirror on the top. I love the topiary designs on the front and the house design on the back! Great nod to the film. The quality is fantastic and I love the printing on the front and back of the pallet. The Edward Scissorhands name is also metallic on the front of the pallet. I will admit the pallets not being plastic did worry me at first, but after using other Sugarpill pallets I have purchased, I can say they are sturdy and do last.

The eyeshadows themselves are wonderful, very pigmented like Sugarpill is known for. The colors went on smooth, and stayed on without wanting to brush off too much when rubbed.

Overall I would highly suggest this pallet to those who like unconventional colors, or just crazy eyeshadows. Sugarpill makes amazing products and they are always high quality and worth the money to buy! Their shipping is also fast! 
The Edward Scissorhands pallet retails for $36 and can be found here

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