Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[Loot Crate] March's LVL Up! Accessories

This months LVL Up!'s theme was VS. Which I was excited about because they hinted that the theme had to do with Batman vs. Superman, and one of my favorite lady comic characters is in the movie, Wonder Woman! So I was hoping for something having to do with her! 

I ended up with two accessories packs this month since I normally purchase one AND I won one through Le Fancy Geek's contest that she ran last month! 
LVL Up! Accessories sends you around two geeky themed accessories each month for 14.95. Each month has a different theme, and the items are normally exclusive to the bag.

I was so excited when I saw what was in this months package after I opened it up! The first item I laid my eyes on was the hair ties, which is something I use a lot. Also one of the is Wonder Woman, so woooooot!

Truthfully I am happy with all three designs since they have to do with comics and I adore all three characters! 

The next item is a set of necklaces with the Batman and Superman symbols on it. I love necklaces and I am excited to wear these, but I do wish LVL Up! would pick another item than a necklace since they have been in the bags for the last three-ish months. The BioWorld necklaces are amazing quality, however, so props to LVL Up! for picking a company that makes great products. So while I would like to see something other than the same item each month, I am very excited to wear these! 

I wear a lot of geeky jewelry and I have loved doing LVL Up! If this is something you would be interested in, then check it out here! 

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