Wednesday, November 11, 2020

CoulorPop The Mandalorian "The Child" Pallet

One of the eye shadow pallets I am most excited for arrived in the mail today! The ColourPop "The Child" pallet. I was so excited when they announced this pallet on Oct. 26th. Colourpop has been killing it with their collabs recently, their Sailor Moon, Hocus Pocus and even their Mulan lines have been so nice! HOWEVER, The Child pallet is filled with Greens and browns, which are some of my favorite colors to wear, so I had to have this one!

The Child Pallet has a great mixture of Greens, Whites, and Brown shades in it. They range from Matte to Glittery, and all look amazing! They also have themed names like; Precious Cargo, a sheer glittery white. Just Like A Tatooine, a sandy brown color. As well as Baby Face, a green, Baby Yoda color.

This pallet puts a huge smile on my face, I mean look how cute Baby Yoda is on the front of it, and the mirror inside of it as well (pictured above) also shows that he truly is "The Cutest in the Galaxy!"

I have a full video review and swatches on my YouTube channel, so head there and check it out! (It's around 6 minutes long, so a quick watch to see all the cuteness!) The Child Pallet retails for $16 and can be found on COLOURPOPS webpage here

Monday, October 14, 2019

Los Angeles Comic Con 2019

So I had the opportunity of attending LACC on Friday and Sunday. This is my third time getting to attend this con (however last year I worked the entire show, so different experience all-together), and it was a fun time. This year did seem less crowded than the previous years, but there were still some great costumes, wonderful artist and vendors, and lots of panels to attends and events to watch, many you could watch in the dealers hall, because their main stage is located in the center back of it.

I was mostly in the dealers hall/ Artist alley. so I can write most about that. There were a good variety of artist in the artist alley from old school comic artist, to stylistic artist with cute characters and renditions of already known ones. They also had the Lightsaber contests, costume contests and such in the hall as well on their main stage, so being able to look around at the vendors and check out the big events during the day is nice!

There were also a lot of fun photo experiences at many different booths, you could have Maleficent Wings, or sit around some Pumpkins at the Hot Topic booth, or chill out in the woods with The Birch. So those were very fun to see as well. There were even photo-ops with some of the local female Wow wrestlers in their ring.

Overall LA Comic Con was very fun to attend for the two days I was able to make it. Last year I worked for FFBF so I was stuck at the booth all weekend without really getting to look around the con, so it is always nice to get to experience cons from the not working point of view every once in awhile.

Friday, August 9, 2019

New Episode of ESO!

A new episode of the Earth Station One Podcast is out! My Segment "A Geek Girls Take" can be found at 1:45:06. Check out this awesome podcast! I love doing this segment, and am so happy I am able to continue to do this segment for ESO after so many years! Check it out by clicking here!

Monday, December 11, 2017

[Influenster] Feast Vox box

Influenster keeps sending me VoxBoxes, so I get to share lots of new stuff with you all! This one had lots of food items in it, and we all know I love food, so I was happy to try them all out! I received this for free to try, but I am always honest when it comes to food. My two favorite items in this one were the TimTams and the Bigelow Tea (Because we all know I love Tea!)

Overall, all the items in this box were good. (I mean one of them is a can of corn, so you can't be too unhappy with a can of corn...) Im not a huge fan of crunchy toppers, but still enjoyed the Frenches. 

Influenster is a program where you can sign up and try out items for free. I have gotten a lot of food items and hair care products from them. If you like this type of stuff, you should check it out!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Ukulele Music Video and Concert coming up!

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great! I have been super busy recently (I spent a month in Los Angeles for June!) But I have two new videos out and a concert coming up this Sunday in High Point NC! After that I get on a plane and head to SDCC! ( which I am super excited about working since I have never gotten to go!) Come check me out at ConGregate in High Point NC at Noon on Sunday and hear me play some awesome Ukulele music!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Ukulele Video on YouTube!

So while I have music videos in post production for the Youtube Channel I have a fun video I just posted over on Angela Plays Ukulele introducing all my Ukulele's! First up is my Luna Guitars Mermaid Aurora Soprano Ukulele! I talk about the Ukulele, tell why I named it how I did and tell you a little about the instrument itself! Check out the video below! Also subscribe to my channel, I have some really fun music videos from movie, video game and even one classical song, that are being finished at the moment that will be up over the next couple month! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

ESO Podcast Gaurdians of the Galaxy

New episode of the ESO Podcast is out! My segment "A Geek Girls Take" can be heard on it. This week I talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!
You can also find older episodes of the show there as well! 

Also check out the ESW podcast live from WhoLanta! I was on this one as well. It was recorded live at WhoLanta last weekend! 

I'm a little under the weather this week, so once I feel better I'll do a write up on WhoLanta!