Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[Makeup Review] Sugarpill Addicted to Pretty SweetHeart Eyeshadow Palette

I love bright colors, so when I saw the Sugarpill palettes I had to get one. I decided on the Sweet Heart palette since the other I had my eyes on was out of stock. I had heard great things about SugarPill as a company, they are cruelty free, which I love! and they have lots of fun products! (Plus they just did an Edward Scissorhands inspired line, awesome!) 

The packaging for the four eye shadow palette is fantastic, Very brightly colored, which I kind of expected from a company selling super bright makeup! There is even a mirror inside of the palette so you can apply on the go! The package is sturdy and thin so it fits in a makeup box, or a purse makeup bag easy.

These colors! OMG it is like a unicorn threw up in here! Look how bright they are! First off, finding a super pigmented pink eye shadow that will not break the bank is somewhat hard! This pink is crazy awesome and looks amazing on, their name for it is Dollipop. They also have an electric blue called Afterparty, a bright green called Midori, and a white called Tako. The palette contains 3.5 grams of each eyeshadow and retails for $34.00 (that's $8.50 a piece!)

Just LOOK at these colors! So bright! 

Inside Light                  Outside Light

I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who wants that bright, standout look, that you do not have to worry about fading during the day. You can find Sugarpill's website here , and the SweetHeart palette here!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Disney Princess SOHO Makeup Brush Sets

So in case you did not know Walgreen's carries SOHO makeup brush sets! They have three brush sets and two beauty blender sets as well. The makeup brush sets are Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. The Beauty Blender sets are Snow White and Aurora. I reviewed the brush sets since out of the collection those were the ones I could use (the beauty blenders have latex in them so sadly I could not use those :( ) However I was SO excited that three of my favorite Disney Princesses were the brush sets!!!

The Ariel brush sets come with two brushes (one is double sided.) They are the Complexion Perfecting Brush (double sided) and the Beauty Highlighting brush. 

The brushes are a lovely green color, with a scale design on the handle and a shell design on the metal part connecting the handle and the bristles. The brush (synthetic, nylon) hairs are soft and do not shed (which is always a good thing to know!) This set retails for 14.99.

The Belle set was the first set I purchased, and fell in love with these brushes. They are just pretty, and well made. The first thing I always do with new brushes is pull on the hairs to see if any are going to come out, none did for these, and those spare hairs that come out on your face are always so annoying. 

The Belle set comes with three eye brushes. A flat angled liner brush, medium fluff brush and a large fluff brush. The angled brush is fantastic for liner, and the two fluff brushes work wonderful for applying eye shadows and blending. 
This set retails for  $12.99, which is also a fantastic deal for good brushes. 

The last set of brushes is Jasmine. Which has three double sided brushes.  A fluff and liner brush, a Crease and Detail Brush, and a Brow shaping brush. 
First off a brush set that has a liner AND a eye shadow brush together? that is fantastic for a brush set that retails for 14.99 and is easily available!

The design on this one has a tear drop pattern and a lamp on the metal piece, the two purples also look lovely together.

I highly recommend these brush sets to any ladies who love Disney, makeup and are looking for some new brushes to use that are cute and very nice quality. They are affordable, and wont break the bank! Many Walgreens still have these sets, just check in their makeup brush section. Also check out the other Disney makeup lines they have in the store as well! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm a regular on a Podcast!

So for the last three weeks I have been doing my segment "A Geek Girls Take" over on the fantastic  ESO Podcast (or Earth Station One.) I have done random episodes with ESO over the last few years off and on, but this is a two minute segment where I talk about whatever geeky things I want! So definitely check it out! Links are below to the episodes containing my segment. ESO also does a fantastic Doctor Who Podcast called ESW (Earth Station Who)

ESO Episode 290

ESO Episode 291

ESO Episode 292

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Makeups I Did for the Halloween Season!

So October is always a fun time where people want fun makeups done of themselves for costume! I had the opportunity to do a fun makeup on myself for the Charlotte Geek Gala this year, An old age makeup for a friend for spirit week at work, as well as makeups on friends for Anime Conventions held in October and November!

Fawn Makeup:
I was not quite sure what to wear for the Geek Gala this year, but I wanted to do something fun. So I looked at my makeup bag and decided to do a fawn makeup since the dress I had matched the woodsy earthy theme of fawns. This was super fun, and I even got to play Ukulele while in this get up, which was pretty cool.
I also had a little fun before I took all the makeup off! 

Old Age Makeup

This was done completely with eye shadows and eye liners since one of my friends dressed up as an old lady for her class for spirit week during the month of October at work. She rocked it in her MuuMuu with her powdered grey hair! This was a quick, fun makeup (maybe 10 or so minutes if that) 

Walter White- Breaking Bad

One of my friends decided for BanzaiCon this year he wanted to be Walter White. He asked me if I could do a bald cap and makeup on him for the costume. I spent about two hours doing the makeup on him and then did minimal makeup on my other friend who was dressing as Jessie Pinkman. 

Rose of Versailles Fancy Ladies!

Two of my friends dressed as characters from Rose of Versaille for Nekocon this year. I did their beauty makeup for their costumes!  Their dresses were amazing and they both looked amazing! The bow lips are my favorite part of their makeups! So regal!


I have a new book out!

Hey everyone! So for any of you that like my writing, I have an essay in the new You and Who Else book about Primeval! This is a MASSIVE book, there are over 170 essay in this book and it should be a fantastic read for those of you who love British Television! Definitely check it out!

Friday, November 20, 2015

[Geek Chic] Fun Geeky Leggings For the Cost Savvy Geek Girl

I love my leggings! And while I cannot afford Black Milk, or the more expensive brands, I have found a few different brands of high quality tights that come in a lot of really fun geeky prints that almost anyone should be able to find!  I also have one dud to stay away from!

We Love Fine is a go to for fun ladies and mens geeky clothing. They have monthly design contests for T-Shirts and are on top of great dress, scarves and cardigan fashion that is party ready or office ready. They also make fricken fantastic tights! I have two pairs of their tights, a regular pair and a shiny pair. 

I bought my Spider Gwen tights at DragonCon this year, they are fantastic, thick stretchy material that does not look thin or see through when you are wearing them. I can wear these tights in the winter and I will be comfortable being outside or inside. They are also very comfortable around the waist. They washed well too, the color did not fade and they did not shrink at all.
Cost: $37.50

These were also a pair of tights purchased at the We Love Fine booth at DragonCon. They are not as thick as the Spider Gwen tights, however they are really comfortable, and I love the way they look when I am wearing them. The TARDIS design is so fun and there are even Dalek and Doctors peaking out of the TARDIS. They are super stretchy (even though I had to buy a size up because their shiny tights seem to be a bit tighter than their regular tights due to the type of fabric they use.) The only downside to these tights are the small area on the back that the finish came off so they have a small sticky area on them. They have been washed a few times, they faded a little, but they are still fantastic to wear!
Cost: $34.00

JC Pennys has a lot of great Star Wars clothing right now, including a whole bunch of Mighty Fine Star Wars Leggings. These are made of a thinner spandex fabric than the We Love Fine ones, but are at a lower cost point. They are very comfortable (You will have to fix the waist on them throughout the day wearing them.) They are very soft, and the pattern does not stretch out horribly when you put them on. The thread is super sturdy, and doesn't seem like it will pop when you pull them on. If you catch JC Pennys when they have a sale you can get them for around 15$ which is a GREAT price for such wonderful leggings!! They also have a lot of other great designs other than the one pair I bought, so they really fit any taste. They also washed well (line dried them)
Jc Pennys has also started carrying some Disney, Minions, and marvel tights as well depending on your store and what they have, all for the same prices as the Star Wars leggings.
Cost: $26 ($15 when on sale) 

Marvel's Clothing Line

Marvel has been releasing a lot of really fun clothing in a lot of different stores. These leggings were found at JC Pennys. They are a Cotton/Spandex combination so they are not as sleep as the other leggings in this post, but are so incredibly comfortable. I loved the design of them as well because Black Widow WAS on them! I have seen some stores that still have them, so they are hit or miss if you can find them, however JC Pennys has a WIDE variety of Marvel tights. However if you follow their Style  by Marvel instagram you can find out where they have other Marvel inspired clothing on sale at.
Cost: $26

I love Teefury for their daily shirts, and when they started making tights I fell in love with a bunch of their designs that they had. They have a wide variety of designs and geeky series designs (Doctor Who, Disney, Comics, Pokemon, etc.) they also have skirts made out of the same leggings material with the same designs. The material is thick and incredibly soft. They feel amazing on your skin. The design does lighten when you wear them, but it is not super noticeable. I seriously cannot say how much I love these tights, they are so fun, comfortable and I love wearing them! The ones below are their Lavender Town Leggings.  They have also been washed many times and their color has not faded and are still as stretchy as the first time I wore them.
Cost $37


Palicy Leggings

These are by far the worst quality tights I have ever seen. They are around $5 on Ebay, so I was not expecting much as it was, but holy cow (they are also on Amazon as well). You try to put your leg in them and they rip at the seams. The spandex is super low quality and the thread is incredibly weak. I would not suggest these to anyone! They are for the most part knock off tights from other brands with fantastic quality, but the only thing they have in common is the design on the fabric.
Cost $5

There are many other brands out there that make great leggings. These are just the ones I have been able to purchase/ have been gifted and wear. All are under $40 and to me that is a reasonable price. But if you are really on a budget and still want those cute Geeky leggings I would stick to JC Pennys or Target (which has a very limited selection.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ipsy Bag November 2015

Here is my review of all the items in my November 2015 Ipsy bag!

The Bag: THIS BAG! this is my favorite bag that I have ever received from Ipsy. The galaxy motif looks fantastic and I love this bag! It is so pretty! 

Ayres Hand Cream- I got this as an extra this month from using Ipsy points. I really loved the Ayres Patagonia Body Butter (it had a hint of Bergamot, so of course I loved it!) This hand cream is creamy, soaks into your skin and has a lemongrass smell to it, which is subtle and not overwhelming at all. It is also very moisturizing.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara- I have used Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara before and really like it. I have it on my Ipsy list that i do not want to receive mascara, but since everyone got this in their bag, I am OK with that (especially since when I do wear mascara, this is one I do not mind using) I have incredibly long lashes so I do not always use mascara, unless I am wearing costumes or going to a special event. This is a great quality mascara and I would recommend it to any of my friends looking for a brand to go with! 

INSPR Beauty Eyeshadow in the color Carnival- I get a lot of brown/nude/champagne eyeahdows from Ipsy (I was REALLY excited for the NYX trio a few months ago though because yeah.) This color is very light (VERY light) it has a really pretty shimmer and is not dark at all. It is a color I will use so that is always a good thing! Very shimmery, which you can never have enough shimmer!

Mai Couture Hello Gorgeous Makeup Paper Travel Blush- Blush paper was the one item I was somewhat on edge about in my Ipsy Bag this month. I wear blush very sparingly, and I am weird on what colors I wear. This is VERY pink, and shimmery. It is however not overwhelming in color and looks very pretty for someone like me, who has fair skin. I am not sure how much I like the paper format, but it doesnt take up a lot of space in my makeup bag, which is nice. 

Bdellium Tools Blending Brush (Eyes 776)- I LOVE getting brushes in my Ipsy Bags. You can never have too many brushes, ever! This one aesthetically isn't very pretty, the bristles are soft  and flexible, and not many came out after I used it once or twice, the first few loose ones from packaging seemed to be it. So overall a decent brush to blend with. 

Figs and Rouge Mattifying Emulsion- This is what I was super excited to try out this month! I have oily skin, and anything that helps make my skin a matte, non shiny mess (ya know unless I add that shine myself) is a good thing. Mattifying Emulsion is supposed to minimize pores and be anti-shine, it does help with both. The consistency has a watery lotion feel to it. It goes on your skin an soaks in quick. Does not have a strong smell at all (you can barely smell it actually.) It also does not feel like you have anything on your skin, which is good. I was very happy that the one item in my bag I was most excited for, ended up living up to my hopes for it!

Ipsy is $10 a month and you get a bag with travel and full sized products in it! I have been doing it for almost a year and I love it! Check it out here!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Titan Comics Doctor Who 8th Doctor issue 1

Check out the video to see my review of the 8th Doctor comic from Titan Comics! 

Like this video or Doctor Who in general? Then check out the show I do with my friend Lil here, fine us on Facebook here.  Have you read any of the Titan Comics Doctor Who comics? What did you think? Let me know below!

Monday, November 16, 2015

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Cover Girl Star Wars Makeup!

So if you are a fan of Star Wars, and a girl who loves makeup, then you may have heard of Cover Girl's new Star Wars makeup line that they have brought out to celebrate the new movies that comes out in Dec. However finding it was a challenge at first, but after two months of looking in stores, the makeup is now showing up! I have so far found it at CVS and Target (and have been told by friends they have also seen it at Walgreens.) The display below is from Target.

The line has Lipsticks, Nail Polish and Mascara. I picked up a few and you can read all about them below!

First, I'll start off with the Mascara, This one comes in two types and has 10 different packages, each with a different Star Wars quote on them! (5 light side quotes and 5 dark side quotes) The two types are Waterproof and then Super Sizer Mascara. The one below is the waterproof mascara (they all have the Light Side quotes while the Super Size has the Dark Side quotes.)

Lipsticks, there are six different colors, each with Star Wars packaging, the colors do not have fun names, but numbers to distinguish their colors. ( was only able to get four of the six colors they have out.) They have really great coverage and average between 5-7$ depending on where you buy them at.

The lipsticks go on very smooth and have great coverage, they also last for hours, you do have to reapply every once in awhile, but The color went on and stayed on when I wore color 50 at an anime con I was last at! The packing is also very fun!

Nail Polish, there are also six shades of nail polish (much like the lipsticks) the nail polish however do have fun names that go along with each one! I was able to get Speed of Light which is a grey color and Mutant, which is a blue color. There is also Red Revenge (Deep Red), Fury (Orange), Nemesis (Purple), and Nuclear (Lime Green). Each color is supposed to be a gel like shine that last up to seven days and has a chip proof formula.

The nail polish has great coverage and you do not have to do more than two coats to get great coverage, it stayed on for many days before chipping as well (and I am rough on my hands between computer, playing Ukulele and other activities!) And the colors are really fun (from normal business/work acceptable colors to "crazy" colors)

Overall I am very happy with all these different makeups that CoverGirl has put out. It is really fun for a company to be catering to the female fans of a science fiction franchise. The makeup is good quality for an inexpensive brand that is sold in drugstores. I really hope they decide to jump on the boat for other Geeky brands or even other companies follow in their footsteps!