Thursday, April 18, 2013

RavenCon 2013

Convention: RavenCon
Location: Richmond, Va.
Dates: April 5th-7th

This was my second RavenCon that I had been too, which is strange since the convention is only an hour away from my hometown. I had known about RavenCon for years and had wanted to attend it, but for some reason it never worked out. Last year I just attended the con as a regular attendee . However this year I was invited as a costume guest, so I was very excited to get to do panels and be part of the convention!

I arrived Friday afternoon after a long week of filming Zombie Babies 2 in West Va. (and a quick stop the day before to visit my grandmother in Charlottesville)  It was nice to get to sleep in on Friday and get lunch with my Grandmother before driving to Richmond.  I got to the convention hotel (which funny enough is the same hotel that Anime Mid Atlantic used to be in when they were in Richmond). Got my badge and headed straight for the "Game of Thrones" panel that I was on.  I had a blast nerding out about Game of Thrones with other people.  I then found some of my friends, we got some snacks in the con suite and headed to the opening ceremonies. (also found Carla and gave her the TARDIS scarf I had made her).   For the remainder of Friday I hung out with friends, got some yummy Mexican food with Laina, Danny and Allegra, and then hung out at the room parties.

Saturday I got up and got dressed in my Peter Pan Lolita skirt and went to my signing. I had fun just sitting there and talking to people, I sold one book (thank you David Lee) while at the convention, so that is an accomplishment! I then went back to the room and changed into Oswin Oswald since Kara was wearing her 11th Doctor cosplay.  Signed up for the costume contest. The lovely girl in the con-suite gave me two of the little gears they had on the table, which became part of my makeup I did for the costume contest.

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Short Stories in Anthologies!

Hello Everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted a blog! I have been so busy with work, conventions, filming, family and writing!

I have two short stories that will be in upcoming anthologies!!

First off my story "The Bridge" will appear in Cruentus Libri Press's anthology  "Another 100 Horrors". This is a fun little anthology of 100 stories that are 100 words each. It should be out in Late April or early May, unless the publisher has changed the release time.

My second story that will be published is a Steampunk Horror story I wrote titled "My Patchwork Girl" it will be released in Horrified Press's anthology "Tales of the Undead: Hell Whore Anthology Vol. 3".  his shold be released in August/September 2013.
Here is a list of stories already in the anthology!

I am super excited about both of these stories, and cannot wait to see them in print!!!