Monday, December 11, 2017

[Influenster] Feast Vox box

Influenster keeps sending me VoxBoxes, so I get to share lots of new stuff with you all! This one had lots of food items in it, and we all know I love food, so I was happy to try them all out! I received this for free to try, but I am always honest when it comes to food. My two favorite items in this one were the TimTams and the Bigelow Tea (Because we all know I love Tea!)

Overall, all the items in this box were good. (I mean one of them is a can of corn, so you can't be too unhappy with a can of corn...) Im not a huge fan of crunchy toppers, but still enjoyed the Frenches. 

Influenster is a program where you can sign up and try out items for free. I have gotten a lot of food items and hair care products from them. If you like this type of stuff, you should check it out!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Ukulele Music Video and Concert coming up!

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great! I have been super busy recently (I spent a month in Los Angeles for June!) But I have two new videos out and a concert coming up this Sunday in High Point NC! After that I get on a plane and head to SDCC! ( which I am super excited about working since I have never gotten to go!) Come check me out at ConGregate in High Point NC at Noon on Sunday and hear me play some awesome Ukulele music!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Ukulele Video on YouTube!

So while I have music videos in post production for the Youtube Channel I have a fun video I just posted over on Angela Plays Ukulele introducing all my Ukulele's! First up is my Luna Guitars Mermaid Aurora Soprano Ukulele! I talk about the Ukulele, tell why I named it how I did and tell you a little about the instrument itself! Check out the video below! Also subscribe to my channel, I have some really fun music videos from movie, video game and even one classical song, that are being finished at the moment that will be up over the next couple month! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

ESO Podcast Gaurdians of the Galaxy

New episode of the ESO Podcast is out! My segment "A Geek Girls Take" can be heard on it. This week I talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!
You can also find older episodes of the show there as well! 

Also check out the ESW podcast live from WhoLanta! I was on this one as well. It was recorded live at WhoLanta last weekend! 

I'm a little under the weather this week, so once I feel better I'll do a write up on WhoLanta! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

[Tea Review] Kusmi Tea "Blue Detox"

Now if you read my tea blog you are familar with the French tea company Kusmi. I have reviewed a lot of their teas in the past. This time I decided to try one of their newer teas "Blue Detox". I generally do not buy "detox" teas, but this one sounded like it would be really good, so I decided to give it a try

Blue Detox is a green tea with mint and pineapple flavors added to it. From the box it has an amazing pineapple smell to it. Once steeped it has a great mint smell with hints of fruity pineapple. The taste is a light green tea taste with a hint of mint, and a subtle pineapple aftertaste. Not overpowering while still having a great flavor. 

Kusmi sells their teas in a variety of different ways from loose leaf (in different sized containers) to tea bags to individually wrapped tea bags. I normally buy the loose or the muslin tea bags (since I travel a lot and it is easier on the mess.) This time I got the muslin tea bags, however in the box they weren't muslin, which was interesting, since I am so used to them. Still tasted great and am really happy I tried this one out! The box I purchased retailed for $17.40, and you can find all the purchasing ways on their webpage here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why So Few Posts?!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts since the new year! Late Jan-Early Feb. I had surgery on my ankle, I had to have two ligaments reattached, and have been recovering since. So very few blog posts because I have been spacey and haven't had the energy to do much past what little work I was allowed to do. I spent the three weeks after the surgery not allowed to walk, and have since been in a boot hobbling around. Now that I am feeling a little better (still in the boot until May though.) I am going to try and get back on my blog writing schedule! So please bear with me for now as I get back into the hang of doing weekly tea posts and other fun geeky stuff on here!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[Influenster] Brita Stream Vox Box

I love all the stuff Influenster sends me. This time I was lucky enough to get into their Brita Stream Vox Box. I have needed to new water filter container for awhile and getting one for free is even better. I was also super happy out of all the colors they sent I got the green one. 

This filter pitcher works the same as all of Brita's others. It has a slot of the filter, you fill it with water and then you have filtered water to use! Super easy and doesn't take up any time! I did receive this for free through Influenster, but as always you all know if I do not like something I will give an honesty opinion. If you like reviewing stuff then you should check out Influenster

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Plan 9 is out at Wal-Mart!

About 5 or 6 years ago I worked on a huge film project! The remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space, simply called Plan 9. It stared Brian Krause, Camille Keaton and Matthew Ewald. I was lucky enough to be cast as Tanna in the film as well as doing a lot of the makeup fx with Bio Duck films. The film has now been released on amazon and in 2600 Wal-Marts all over the US! If you love indie horror and awesome practical effects in them, then definitely give this film a shot! 

You can find the film online here: