Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Trip To Hummingbird Macarons and Deserts

So two weeks ago I was in Chesapeake, Va. for Anime Mid Atlantic. My friend Kara and I had been planning a trip to a bakery close by that makes French Macarons, one of my favorite snacks! I had discovered them on Facebook, and all the photos of their beautifully made Macarons looked amazing, also they made ice cream sandwich ones, which other than the one I had at Disney World last Sept. I had never had, so I needed some of these in my life! 

Kara and I drove over to their location at;
501 Botetourt St
Norfolk, Virginia
We got there and were like "are they open? There is police tape everywhere....."
So we hopped online and found out that their building and the buildings around them had roof issues and had to close shop. We also found out they had opened up temporary shop a few blocks away, Kara and I came for French Macarons, we were getting them! So we headed to the other address.  A small building that had been cleared out in a pretty artsy part of town (lots of restaurants and shops, somewhat typical downtown area.)


Once Hummingbird Bakery got there and got open we were marveled with so many amazing colors of Macaroons. I looked on the board and ordered what I had chosen and asked what the blue Macarons were. The girl replied with Earl Grey. I think my scream of joy scared her, since as we all know I am a HUGE fan of anything earl grey. So i got two of those, because yum! So the flavors I got were


Cookies and Cream, Nutella, Rose Water, and two Earl Grey (also a chocolate Birthday cake but that was for a friend and not in the photo)

All I have to say was these tasted AMAZING! the cookies were great, a little but of air inside them, not super doughy, and the cream insides were also amazing, yum, yum, yum!

I also got a Rose Berry French Macaron Ice cream Sandwich. Now it was maybe in the 90's where we were at, super crazy hot (also lots of humidity, because the south.) So already ice cream was a good idea, but the taste of these were so good. First off it was a lovely shade of pink. Second it had a great berry taste! 


All I can say is I cannot wait to actually go back to Norfolk and visit their actual Bakery which opened back up on June 30th! I only make it down that way about 3 times a year so I am super excited for my next trip there because it is well worth it for the French Macaroon!

So seriously if you are in the Norfolk area, go visit this place! It is amazing and the people who work there are so nice! (even in their bad situation they still had bubbly personalities!)