Friday, August 28, 2015

Influenster Nanoblur Face Lotion

I was lucky enough to be part of Influenster's XOVoxBox! This time I got to try out a lot of really nice products including Covergirl lipstick and foundation, Skinny Girl protein bars and NDeed's Nanoblur High Definition Skin lotion. I am very picky about what I put on my skin, however this lotion went on great and had a really smooth feel to it! the lotion at first felt very thick and I was not sure how I would like it once on my skin, but it went on cool and it was not thick feeling or oily, so that is a huge plus, since that is normally my problem with thick feeling lotions. I am excited to try it out some more and see if it continues to be a good product! But for now I am really liking it! I would give it a try here; Nanoblur