Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You'd Better Watch Out! Anthology

So after lots of sending off my short stories to anthologies (and after four rejection letters to some of those stories) I was lucky enough to have one of my stories accepted to a anthology to be published! The short Christmas Horror themed story "The Gnome Before Christmas" was released int he anthology "You'd Better Watch Out!"
It is available in print and as a e-book for kindle. The e-book is 2.99 and the print version is 14.99. I will also have print versions with me at the conventions I will be attending as well!

I am so excited and happy about this! I have read through half of the anthology so far, and each story is unique and of course terrifying!
Of course I am super excited since it is my first published story, however I think will be this excited for any of my stories that get published. Each is a new world I am sharing with people, and that to me is very exciting! It feels good to have a story released after sending out so many and so many long months of waiting to hear back on if they will be published (and still waiting to hear one some).
If you get a chance to pick up the anthology and read it, PLEASE let me know what you think, either by leaving a comment here, contacting me, or leaving a amazon review of the book!

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