Friday, October 26, 2012

Zombie Fried Chicken Episode 1

Earlier today the first episode of Zombie Fried Chicken was released! I am so excited for this series where I play the character Clodagh O'Malley.  Please check out the first episode and all the new episodes that will soon be released after it!! And you get to hear me use an Irish accent.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Convention Appearences 2013!!

So every year I attend many different conventions. Some as an attendee, Cosplay Judge, or Guest.  So far I have been asked to attend three conventions for the 2013 season as a guest.


 I'll be adding MANY more other cons to this list, but so far these are the ones I am confirmed as a guest for, for 2013! If you are attending any of these cons, come say Hi! to me! Want to see me at a con near you? Let me know which one, or email the convention and let them know you want to see me there!

Also check out these cons if you are local! they are all really FUN to attend and have lots of great guests and activities to participate in!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Banzai Con 2012

What: BanzaiCon 1
When: October 12th-14th
Location: Columbia, South Carolina

BanzaiCon is a first year con run by the same group that runs IchibanCon, Triad Anime Con, and many other awesome cons. BanzaiCon was located in a lovely Marriot in Columbia, SC. The hotel was large, and had many wonderful food places to eat throughout the weekend. 

Friday I arrived at the con in the afternoon. Got checked into the hotel, and hung out with my wonderful friends. Also checked out the convention area, which was a good size for a first year convention. Got into one of my lolita outfits (so excited to wear my new skirt!!) Checked out the dealers room and artist alley, got a really cute panda and triceratops ring!

Saturday, I was up early to judge the cosplay contest. Got to see a lot of amazing entries.   For lunch I got to go to a amazing crepe restaurant that was about a block from the hotel. It was so good, I am so jealous that they have a crepe place and there is nothing like that near me! lol.
After judging I got into my Haunted Mansion Lolita dress for the cosplay contest. Went to the contest, judged the skit and saw all the entries on stage, then handed out awards. So many wonderful costumes! and I was so happy to see everyone who won so excited!

Once the contest was over a group of us checked out this great ramen house called Menkoi Ramen House, about two blocks from the hotel. It was so good, I got the spicy ramen and a salmon rice ball! Once back at the hotel we all chilled out in the hotel and played Cards Against Humanity.

Sunday I got all packed up and chilled out with friends while they sold stuff at the anime flea market. said my goodbyes and headed home!

I had a blast with all my wonderful friends and judging for the cosplay at BanzaiCon. Cannot wait to have another awesome weekend with everyone soon!!

HERE is also a awesome article about the convention. Some photos of me show up in it as well!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maryland Renaissance Faire 2012

What?: Maryland Renaissance Festival
When: August 25- October 21 (one weekends)
Location: Crownsville, Maryland

I have always loved going to the  Maryland Renaissance Festival. The land where it is held is amazingly beautiful and has a ton of stages and vendors areas to keep people busy for hours. I arrived around noon and found some food to eat before walking around and watching performers and looking in shops. I also got to have some incredibly yummy Raspberry Wine from Berrywine Plantations in Maryland ( ).

I spent a good amount of my time looking in the Moresca booth. I absolutely adore their clothing and was lucky enough to get a beautiful green top and blue skirt this year! (I always try to buy at least one article of clothing from them each year) I was lucky and got two this year!

It sprinkled a little in the middle of the day, and was overcast the entire time I was there (which was nice since it was cool and comfortable for the entire time).

Overall the Maryland Renaissance Festival is always a joy to attend and have a good time at! I will definately be back next year!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zombie Freid Chicken Teaser Trailer

One of my newest acting projects is a web series titled Zombie Fried Chicken! I play an Irish scientist in the series named Clodagh O'Malley.  So far, for the most part, the first two episodes have been filmed and we are looking at releasing the first episode this month! The creative man behind the series Louis Bekoe has released a teaser trailer for the show! and here it is! Please watch and let me know what you think in the comments below, or in the comments on the youtube page!