Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI

What: Star Wars Celebration VI
When: August 24-26
Location: Orlando, Florida

Star Wars Celebration is every Star Wars fans dream to go too. They have tons of guests, lots of amazing dealers, and loads of fun stuff going on.  This was my second time attending, since for CV and CVI they were on the east coast. I will take any excuse to go to Orlando since it also means I can go to Disney World and Universal Studios as well.
I only attended the convention for Saturday, but I had a great time! I scoured the huge dealers room, which has pretty much anything a Star Wars Fan could want to buy. I ended up picking up a CVI shirt, a HerUniverse Mara Jade shirt, a CVI coffee mug, and a R2D2 ice cube mold. I also got a free Star Wars novel since I just happened to be passing by the right booth at the right time. After walking around the dealers room I met up with my lovely friends Allegra, Alyssa, Cord and Matt. We all walked around in our costumes and got photos taken, checked out the artist alley and got a group shot on the giant Jabba the Hutt replica.

The convention was also filled with some pretty cool looking cars with Star Wars paint jobs. Some awesome prop replicas of a Rancor, Jaba the Hutt, A Millennium Falcon cock pit, a Catina scene, as well as many, many others. Over all making the atmosphere at the convention amazing! Over all I really hope Celebration VII is close in two years because I would love to go again!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Porkchop 3D Trailer and DVD Cover!

Get those red and blue 3D glasses ready people! The trailer for Porkchop 3D is out! As well as some other goodies like the DVD cover of the film! If you have seen Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind (and if you haven't pre-order is at amazon (Ill post the link below). I reprise my role as Meg, but that is all I am saying! I am also one of the makeup artist behind all these gruesome 3D kills! So definitely check this one out! Orders are available for the Razor Sharp Studios print of the DVD at

Amazon pre-order for Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Film Releases!!

So Sept is a big month for film projects I have worked on being released! It is always a great feeling to get to see the finished project and I am thrilled that two films and one Horror Host Series I worked on will be released all in the same month!

First we have Fear Fighter! I have a small acting part in this film, as well as working on Makeup Fx! Fear Fighter has an amazing story about three friends who travel into the fear world to save their friends.  The film is also unique because it is a choose your own adventure style movie! Viewers will get to choose which characters to follow, and you can watch the movie multiple times, and make different choices each time, so you are basically getting to watch multiple movies each time. Fear Fighter will be released on a website called . Flicks Sphere is cool because you can pay to watch the movie little by little (each choice you pay to watch and the entire movie costs around 2.50 or so to see, you can then go back and watch it again and choose different choices!). I had the opportunity ti beta test the film and you are all in for a treat! I am so excited for it to be released! You can find more info about it at:

Next up is Doctor EllaMental's Mad lab Picture Show! I had a very small role for this series. I made the duck puppet they use in the show! While it was a small role I love that little puppet, he is just too darn cute!!! (he is at the right hand bottom corner of the photo above) the series looks really funny! and the puppet is a ongoing character in the show! It will also be on with Fear Fighter at the beginning of September, so definitely check it out! And check out the trailer below!

And finally Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind will be available on DVD on Sept. 25th!! I am so excited about this film being released. I play one of the leads in the film named Meg! The Porkchop franchise by Razor Sharp Studios has been a total blast to work on and I am thrilled that it is being released! It is available for pre order on Amazon, Best Buy .com, as well as other online retailers. Once it is out you should also be able to find it at FYE stores.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pa. Renaissance Faire 2012

What?: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
When: August 4th- Oct 28th (Weekends)
Location: Lebanon, Pa.

I love going to Renaissance Faires. When I was in college I used to play at the one in Charlotte with UNCG's collegium (I rocked out on some shawm and tenor recorder).  Since then I frequent the Faires in Charlotte and Maryland (and the occasional Raleigh Faire when it was still going on).  However I had never been to the Pa. Ren Faire until yesterday.  I really enjoyed myself. The faire itself was quite small compared to Charlotte or Maryland.

Once we arrived at the faire we immediately looked for food (Since no one had eaten anything that morning, and it was around noon)  I went for the perogies, since they are not that common in the south, and I think they are delicious. Also had a Slush Puppy, since they also do not have them in NC.

 After eating we walked around to see everything that there was to offer at the Faire. There were a lot of Steampunk and Doctor Who costumes around the Faire since it was Time Travelers weekend. This was incredibly fun to see! (I sadly left my Steampunk attire in NC, however it was so incredibly hot outside this was probably not a bad thing). We checked out the Joust, then headed over to one of the many stages and watched a great musical group (fiddle, drums and guitar, sadly I cannot figure who they were out by the map and program). We then walked by the elephant, looked at some of the lovely statues and fountains throughout the grounds and  then we headed over to the wine tasting area. I love different local wines, and wanted to bring something back with me. I got to sample many of the wonderful wines that Mount Hope creates, including their Honey Mead which was quite good. I ended up getting their Apple Wine and Sweet Romance Wine (Sweet White).  The wine at Mount Hope is only sold in Pa. so it is always a treat to bring something new home for my father and I to try!

I also snagged some Blackberry and Cranberry Honey from the BeeFolks for my tea. I had been trying my hardest to make my Blackberry Honey I bought last year at the MD Ren. Faire last as long as possible, and sadly I ran out about two months ago.  This stuff tastes amazing in black teas! And since I am always drinking tea I had to get some more. For those of you who are not familar with the BeeFolks, it's a company out of Maryland that makes flavored honeys as well as beeswax candles and other items. I only ever see them at Ren Faires further north so was happy they were here.  I also snagged 1oz. of Pumpkin Spice Tea as well.

Overall one great day! Even if it was crazy hot! I decided to not go in full Ren. Faire garb since it was so hot, so I wore my peasant top, bodice and blue jeans, which was a wonderful idea since yeah I remember why I love Ren. faires in the Fall, the weather is not blazing hot!  But even with the hot weather I still had a great time and will hopefully be able to go back to the faire again at some point, if not again this year, maybe next year!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Otakon 2012

Convention: Otakon
Date: July 27-29
Location: Baltimore, MD

Otakon is the yearly anime convention located at the inner harbor in Baltimore.  Anime fans gathering to wait in line for hours to get their badges and attend the convention. I thankfully work the convention so I do not have to wait in that horrible line.

Friday I got up early and got into my Cooking Mama two cosplay, which also happened to look just like the mascot for Otakon this year!I worked at the table top gaming able for a little while, then got to meet Jason David Frank!! which was awesome! I am such a huge fan of Power Rangers and he was really nice! I then went back and worked for table top gaming for many more hours. I also got to visit the artist alley and go see Kelly's Keychains artist table.  She has such amazingly cute stuff! I bought my Tardis earrings and necklace from her and wanted to see what else she had with her! I bought a super cute skeleton cameo necklace! After all this awesome stuff I then headed to change out of Cooking Mama and into my music lolita outfit! Got some photos with Sang and then headed back to work some more. After we packed up all the table top gaming stuff I went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Matthew, Ashley, Jessie, and Sang. had delicious food and a piece of Tiramisu cheesecake!

Saturday I got into my Haunted Mansion dress that I finished just before the convention! I was so happy to finally get to wear this dress! I love it! the fabric makes me so happy!!! Sang took some photos of me in the dress with my amazing red ringlet wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs! I then went to work, also did the Squishables scavenger hunt and won an amazing Blue Whale Squishable!! It is sooooo cute!!!! I also met the awesome people who do the Spinnerette web comic! ( )

Sunday was Art Auction day! I walked the art around while people spent lots of money on it! OMG! some of that stuff sold for sooooo much! I am so happy the charity auction made a lot of money this year! Last year we made a ton to help Japan relief and I am so happy I get to help with the auction every year! After the auction I made one last run around the artist alley and the dealers room, said my goodbyes, then headed home!

Overall a great Otakon! I always look forward to it every year! I was a but disappointed in their musical guest this year, but everything else was a lot of fun!