Thursday, February 23, 2012

Katsucon 18

What: Katsucon 18
When: February 17-19 2012
Location: National Harbor, Maryland

I have been going to Katsucon for years. It has moved from Va. to DC to Maryland, and has stayed fun! It has also grown a lot. It is one of those fun cons I can go to, to see my friends, costume, hang out and just be silly.

For the last few years I have been running Katsucon's Hall Costume Contest. I love running this event. It takes up a bunch of my time during the year, making sure I have staff, judges, and that the event has a place to be and such, but I love every minute of it. It is fun to talk to the costumers who spend so much time working on their costumes and to see how excited they are to show them off! As a costumer I enjoy competing, so it is nice to be on the other side and run a event that costumers enjoy entering.

Friday is always a stressful day for me at the con, I am nervous that something for the event will go wrong. However I settled those nerves with a photo shoot of my new steam punk outfit with FoxFang, a wonderful photographer I know from some NC cons. I had a great time and got some great photos as well! The contest went great on Friday, we always see a ton of amazing costumers and everyone is generally pretty chill with the method we take people, they get to hang out in the hallways and chat with other costumers and the judges judge in a small room, personal and out of the way of noise and other people. I have always thought this helps the costumers be less nervous.

Saturday we all got up and made our way down for more HCC fun. after the judging was done I got the awards, and got everything in order for the Masquerade contest. I wore my red Minmei outfit for the day since it is comfortable and just so flashy I had to wear it in public, just love that cosplay! 
Once the event as done I got into my Pretty Cure outfit and did a AMAZING group photo shoot with some AMAZING ladies! I seriously <3 these girls to death! Kara and I had done one other Pretty Cure Cosplay together at AMA, so being able to have Megan and Little V also join the group was super fun! We got some really silly photos (a LOT of them), and they turned out great. The Gaylord hotel has a amazing area for photos (pretty much an indoor village) so it was really cool to be able to use that when it was like 11pm.

Sunday I made sure all the awards had been picked up for the HCC winners and checked out the dealers room and artist alley. The got the car packed up! Over all a great con with lots of fun time with friends!!