Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soaps Anti Hero Collection

Fortune Cookie Soaps is one of my favorite body product companies, and I love that they do nerdy themed goodies! They are getting ready to do am Anti Heroes set and it is based on, you guessed it Suicide Squad! There are some great items in this one and there are a few I am hoping I can pick up before they sell out of them! Check out the collection below and be sure to get them early since they always sell out of their items when they first release them!

Check out the Pintrest board link right here! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

[Geeky Makeup] Espoinage Cosmetics June 2016 BOOM Box! Naturally Awesome!

June's BOOM Box is my second box that I have gotten from Espionage Cosmetics, and I LOVE it! I wear their nail wraps all the time, so getting more nail wraps to add to my collection to choose from when I put new ones on is always awesome! This months theme was "Naturally Awesome" and came with a lot of really amazing items 

First off the nail wraps, this box had two designs in it, Pretty Poison and Turquoise. Pretty Poison is a leaf and vine deisgn with a venus fly trap on it. It is a clear design so you can wear nail polish under it, I decided not too when I wore these.  

I really loved how this design looks and  the earthy tones went with basically everything I would wear while I had these on!

The next item in this months box were three color sheets and a set of 12 color pencils. The sheets have the Espionage crest on them, a Fern Gully page and one with the word Powers on it, and who doesn't love to color! 

The next item is one of my favorites from the box, a fun "Feed Me" candle from Boozy Arts. I LOVE candles and use them all the time, so a new candle is always welcome in my house. This one has a pine/tree/earthy smell to it and it pleasant.

It also looks awesome lit!

I love Espionage's everything shadow.  So getting three colors that are meant for highlighting but could also be used as eye shadows and lip colors, so having so many options to use them for is great! I love versatile makeup! These colors have really fun names too! The bronzer color is called "Terrafirma" (bottom), A white highlighter with a hint of pink in it is called "Thermosphere" (left side), and the last highlighter is called "Cryosphere" (right side).

The final item in the box is absolutely my favorite out of all the items in it! Treestar Hair Pins!!!! The Land Before Time is one of my all time favorite movies. I LOVE dinosaurs and still have my Little Foot stuffed doll that my parents bought me when the movie came out, so I may have made some happy screams when I saw these after opening the BOOM Box! up. 

The stars are made fro wonderful quality and the hair pins fit tightly into the hair.  Such an amazing item to have in this box!!!

So far I have had nothing but good things to say about Espionage Cosmetics, and recommend them to all my friends who love geeky makeup! Want to check out the BOOM Box! or their monthly NEXUS? Check them out here!

Monday, July 25, 2016

[Tea Review] Lupicia Hawaii Anela Tea

One of the teas I purchased at the Lupicia Ala Moana store was a Hawaii exclusive tea they do called "Anela". I really loved the packaging on this, with the small flower angel, and the fact it is supposed to have a Lychee taste to it, and I love Lychee.

I purchased a tin of the loose tea (since I love their tins) it has .08 oz of tea in it. (which s actually a decent amount of tea.) 

The tea comes in an airtight bag inside the tin to keep it fresh. The smell of this tea is amazing! It has a strong Lychee smell that hits you in the face when you open the bag. I was super excited about the taste of this tea just from the smell! 

The tea also looks lovely! 

and has a wonderful smell once steeped. It does not have as strong a Lychee smell, but it is still there.

and look at that lovely black tea color! The taste has a Lychee taste with a jasmine undertone to it. It has a fruity taste while not being overpowering. 

Overall I really like this tea, the smell is amazing and the taste is good. I am very happy I picked this one up! Lupicia doesn't have this one on their webpage, just in their Hawaiian stores, but they do have a few other Hawaiian store exclusives on their webpage! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

[Food] Mr. Mochi Chocolate Flavor

Wile I was aimlessly searching at my local Giant to see if by some hope I would find Ice Cream Mochi that was not Miyakawa, since their mochi can be hit or miss depending on how long it has been on the shelf. I stumbled across Mr. Mochi and starred at the freezer shelf for a bit in disbelief since I was actually successful in my search (well I hoped at least because I really wanted some ice cream mochi!)

I had a few options, all basica flavors, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Green Tea. I decided to grab the Chocolate to try out.

They also make a line of ice creams as well under the name Mr Green Tea.

The packaging for these was weird. They come individually wrapped and are in a small foam pocket inside the box that is sealed. This has to be for freshness since the mochi can dry out in freezer boxes. 

Oh my goodness these things taste amazing! The mochi is soft and squishy, the ice cream is really good and rich, they taste like a dream! 

Want to check out Mr. Mochi for yourself? They are on sale at Giant Foods and Stop and Shop on the east coast. Or check out their webpage here!

Monday, July 18, 2016

[Tea Review] Kung Fu Tea Grapefruit Green Tea with Bobba

Many many years ago (ok like 4 or 5) I stumbled across this fun place called Kung Fu Tea in NYC while heading out of China Town. I loved the name and ran in and got a drink, I remember it being delicious and had wanted to revisit when I last went to NYC but could not. I was in Northern Va. for the Doubleclicks concert, and while looking for a place to eat I noticed a familiar name "Kung Fu Tea" and squeed with joy, so that afternoon I made the trek to Centreville, Va (and then the next weekend to Tysons Corner Mall) and got Kung Fu tea!

There were so many yummy options on their menu, from green tea, smoothies, coffee drinks, and milk teas. I really wanted to try everything but I got a Grapefruit Green tea (and then a Sunshine Pineapple Tea at Tysons Corner, Va the next weekend.) both drinks were amazing. They were made with real fruit and had a great fruit juice and tea taste to them, the boba also made it even better! 

I'm not a huge cold tea drinker, living in the south, Sweet tea is by far not my favorite thing, since I do not like super sweet stuff, I am very much a hot tea person. But the grapefruit green tea was a great mixture of slightly sweet from the grapefruit juice and refreshing. If there was a Kung Fu Tea close to me I would most likely be buying drinks there all the time (which wold be dangerous on my wallet!)

They have two sizes of teas M and L (some locations only have one size on their menu.) Some drinks can also be made hot. There are also lots of toppings from jellies to boba to red bean to be added to the drinks! The Grapefruit Green tea I got that is pictured above is a large, it was huge and delicious! 

The location in Centreville was very much like a cafe/coffeehouse, with seating inside and you ordered/picked up at a counter. The Tysons Corner location is a kiosk on the second floor.
You can find out more about Kung Fu Tea here!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

[Loot Crate] June Level Up! Accessories "Dystopia" Theme

Loot Crate Level Up! has so far been my favorite of the Loot Crates to consistently have stuff I want in it each month. This months theme of "Dystopia" was intriguing as to what they would be sending, and I am really happy about this months items!

The two items this month were a Attack On Titan necklace and a Firefly Kaylee hanging travel case. 

We'll start off with my favorite item for this month! The Firefly Kaylee Hanging Travel Bag! I love that Level Up does send unique items that you wouldn't think of them sending, and this travel case is super cute and very handy for trips, or to store your makeup in. it opens into three compartments and has multiple pockets for storage. I absolutely love this and squeed! when I opened the mailer!

The next item they sent is an Attack On Titan Necklace with the Survey Corps. logo on it. I like Attack on Titan and the necklaces Level Up sends are great quality but I really wish they wouldn't send so many necklaces, they have sent a lot in the last few months, so a change up of a different jewelry piece would be nice. But that's just my opinion with the amount of new necklaces I now have from them!

I absolutely love every month I get this package in the mail and look forward to it! Want to check it out? then head here for the info!

Monday, July 11, 2016

[Tea Review] David's Tea "The Buzz" Mate' Tea

While visiting King of Prussia Mall I made it a priority to stop at David's Tea. I had walked into this store during my last trip to the mall (which is quite far away from me) but had not purchased any tea when there last, I made sure to get something this time to try. 

I had never heard of David's Tea, but read a little about them on their webpage. They are a small Canadian company that opened their first store in 2008. They make 150 different types of teas including exclusive blends. I got to try some samples while in the store, and they were all so yummy (I was a little cautious of the one named "Cotton Candy" because of the name, but it was very good.

I picked up a box of their Mate' tea called "The Buzz". The box has 12 tea sachets in it and retailed for $10.00. The packaging is very nice, the bags are individually wrapped in plastic, and the tea bags themselves are made from a cloth (very similar to the way Kusmi teas bags are made.) The box also says the sachets are 100% oxo-biodegradable. 

The tea has a very strong ginger smell to it, with a licorice/orangey faint smell to top it off. One thing that drew me to this specific tea from the other ones they offered in their tea bags selection that they had (maybe a variety of 10 or so tea bag boxes in the store I was at) was the ingredients. They were; Ginger, Matcha Green Tea, Yerba mate', Quince, Apple, Lemongrass, and others. Which to me seems like a very interesting combination, so I really wanted to try this one!

The taste is a wonderful mate' tea with the taste of ginger, lemongrass, and ginseng. It has a ginger aftertaste to it, but that is not a bad thing. I could see this being an amazing tea to drink when you have a sore throat because of that one factor. This tea would also be great on cold mornings because it warms you up.
They do mail order from their webpage if you are not lucky enough to have one of their stores near you (which sadly, I am not lucky enough, since I really want to try some of their other teas and tea blends!)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

[Influenster] Blush VoxBox

I know a lot of you who frequent this blog have seen me post about Influenster. A free program where you try stuff out and write about it and review the products. I am always a pretty big advocate of reviewing the items I get truthfully. All the items below I received for free, but my opinions are my own as always! This box contained four items in it, all to get you ready for that big day (wedding) or whatever party you were gearing up for. It contains;

Pantene Expert Shampoo and Conditioner. Which worked well, I like the bottle sizes so the rest of this will go in my travel bag, but I didn't see any extreme change in my hair after using this for a few days. It smells good, and didn't weigh my hair down (which is a big deal for me because I have very thin hair.) So over all a good shampoo.

Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel in Ooh-la-la Lavender Scent. I really like the scent on this, and I generally do not use a gel deodorant because I do not like the feel of it, but after using this for a few days I can say this doesn't give me that cold, wet underarm feeling that most gels do. I am definitely going to be using the rest of this bottle. 

Simple Skincare Micellar Make-Up remover wipes.  I was really excited about these because I had just ran out of makeup wipes, so woot for something new to try that I needed. These worked well and have a nice smell to them. They got the makeup off my face at the end of the day and I didn't need to use a bunch of them, they didn't want to fall apart either, like some wipes do. 

Ardell Lashes. I do not generally wear lashes, unless I am wearing a costume, so these were the last thing I used in the box. I will say I threw out the adhesive right away since I am allergic to latex, and had to use my own adhesive. They worked well, went on good and looked like lashes, so nothing super fantastic about them, but they did their job for me, so that is a plus!

Overall this was a very good and practical VoxBox to get, I use most of the products on an everyday basis (minus the lashes) so getting stuff I actually use in brands I have not tried is always a plus for me!

If you are interested in Influenster and would like to check it out you can go here!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

[Tea Review] Biltmore Blackberry Black Tea

I visited the Biltmore House and Winery a few weekends ago and while there discovered they have their own brand of tea that is distributed by the Oliver Puff and Company (according to the packaging) There were a few different flavors of tea, but the Blackberry smelled the best to me so I grabbed that one!

The packaging for this tea is a 3oz. tube with a top that pops on and off, The tea is loose and the container is really full. The first smell of this is fruity, a great blackberry smell with a hint of black tea smell underlining it.

The taste is a black tea taste with hints of blackberry, very refreshing, I also added a little honey to sweeten it up a tad. It was a nice tea to have when you want something subtle that has a nice simple taste.

You can purchase the Biltmore Tea at the Biltmore, I was unable to find a link to it online but you can check out the webpage for the Biltmore house and winery here!