Monday, July 25, 2016

[Tea Review] Lupicia Hawaii Anela Tea

One of the teas I purchased at the Lupicia Ala Moana store was a Hawaii exclusive tea they do called "Anela". I really loved the packaging on this, with the small flower angel, and the fact it is supposed to have a Lychee taste to it, and I love Lychee.

I purchased a tin of the loose tea (since I love their tins) it has .08 oz of tea in it. (which s actually a decent amount of tea.) 

The tea comes in an airtight bag inside the tin to keep it fresh. The smell of this tea is amazing! It has a strong Lychee smell that hits you in the face when you open the bag. I was super excited about the taste of this tea just from the smell! 

The tea also looks lovely! 

and has a wonderful smell once steeped. It does not have as strong a Lychee smell, but it is still there.

and look at that lovely black tea color! The taste has a Lychee taste with a jasmine undertone to it. It has a fruity taste while not being overpowering. 

Overall I really like this tea, the smell is amazing and the taste is good. I am very happy I picked this one up! Lupicia doesn't have this one on their webpage, just in their Hawaiian stores, but they do have a few other Hawaiian store exclusives on their webpage! 

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