Thursday, July 7, 2016

[Influenster] Blush VoxBox

I know a lot of you who frequent this blog have seen me post about Influenster. A free program where you try stuff out and write about it and review the products. I am always a pretty big advocate of reviewing the items I get truthfully. All the items below I received for free, but my opinions are my own as always! This box contained four items in it, all to get you ready for that big day (wedding) or whatever party you were gearing up for. It contains;

Pantene Expert Shampoo and Conditioner. Which worked well, I like the bottle sizes so the rest of this will go in my travel bag, but I didn't see any extreme change in my hair after using this for a few days. It smells good, and didn't weigh my hair down (which is a big deal for me because I have very thin hair.) So over all a good shampoo.

Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel in Ooh-la-la Lavender Scent. I really like the scent on this, and I generally do not use a gel deodorant because I do not like the feel of it, but after using this for a few days I can say this doesn't give me that cold, wet underarm feeling that most gels do. I am definitely going to be using the rest of this bottle. 

Simple Skincare Micellar Make-Up remover wipes.  I was really excited about these because I had just ran out of makeup wipes, so woot for something new to try that I needed. These worked well and have a nice smell to them. They got the makeup off my face at the end of the day and I didn't need to use a bunch of them, they didn't want to fall apart either, like some wipes do. 

Ardell Lashes. I do not generally wear lashes, unless I am wearing a costume, so these were the last thing I used in the box. I will say I threw out the adhesive right away since I am allergic to latex, and had to use my own adhesive. They worked well, went on good and looked like lashes, so nothing super fantastic about them, but they did their job for me, so that is a plus!

Overall this was a very good and practical VoxBox to get, I use most of the products on an everyday basis (minus the lashes) so getting stuff I actually use in brands I have not tried is always a plus for me!

If you are interested in Influenster and would like to check it out you can go here!

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