Monday, July 18, 2016

[Tea Review] Kung Fu Tea Grapefruit Green Tea with Bobba

Many many years ago (ok like 4 or 5) I stumbled across this fun place called Kung Fu Tea in NYC while heading out of China Town. I loved the name and ran in and got a drink, I remember it being delicious and had wanted to revisit when I last went to NYC but could not. I was in Northern Va. for the Doubleclicks concert, and while looking for a place to eat I noticed a familiar name "Kung Fu Tea" and squeed with joy, so that afternoon I made the trek to Centreville, Va (and then the next weekend to Tysons Corner Mall) and got Kung Fu tea!

There were so many yummy options on their menu, from green tea, smoothies, coffee drinks, and milk teas. I really wanted to try everything but I got a Grapefruit Green tea (and then a Sunshine Pineapple Tea at Tysons Corner, Va the next weekend.) both drinks were amazing. They were made with real fruit and had a great fruit juice and tea taste to them, the boba also made it even better! 

I'm not a huge cold tea drinker, living in the south, Sweet tea is by far not my favorite thing, since I do not like super sweet stuff, I am very much a hot tea person. But the grapefruit green tea was a great mixture of slightly sweet from the grapefruit juice and refreshing. If there was a Kung Fu Tea close to me I would most likely be buying drinks there all the time (which wold be dangerous on my wallet!)

They have two sizes of teas M and L (some locations only have one size on their menu.) Some drinks can also be made hot. There are also lots of toppings from jellies to boba to red bean to be added to the drinks! The Grapefruit Green tea I got that is pictured above is a large, it was huge and delicious! 

The location in Centreville was very much like a cafe/coffeehouse, with seating inside and you ordered/picked up at a counter. The Tysons Corner location is a kiosk on the second floor.
You can find out more about Kung Fu Tea here!

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