Tuesday, July 19, 2016

[Food] Mr. Mochi Chocolate Flavor

Wile I was aimlessly searching at my local Giant to see if by some hope I would find Ice Cream Mochi that was not Miyakawa, since their mochi can be hit or miss depending on how long it has been on the shelf. I stumbled across Mr. Mochi and starred at the freezer shelf for a bit in disbelief since I was actually successful in my search (well I hoped at least because I really wanted some ice cream mochi!)

I had a few options, all basica flavors, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Green Tea. I decided to grab the Chocolate to try out.

They also make a line of ice creams as well under the name Mr Green Tea.

The packaging for these was weird. They come individually wrapped and are in a small foam pocket inside the box that is sealed. This has to be for freshness since the mochi can dry out in freezer boxes. 

Oh my goodness these things taste amazing! The mochi is soft and squishy, the ice cream is really good and rich, they taste like a dream! 

Want to check out Mr. Mochi for yourself? They are on sale at Giant Foods and Stop and Shop on the east coast. Or check out their webpage here!

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