Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Bard Days Knight is Out!

So I posted earlier this month that I had a new short story coming out in a fantasy anthology! Well it is out! Here is the link to purchase "A Bard Days Knight" that has my short story "The Twisted Forest" in it. You can also check out other anthologies I am in by following this link to my Amazon Authors Page.

Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones! Kickstarter

So back in October of 2013 I backed the second Bones kickstarter. I back the first one with friends, you can see that post here. This time I only got add on options and nothing big. I really wanted the plastic mouslings, some dragons and some heroes. The box this time was much smaller. Basically Ill just post some photos of the miniatures I got in this kickstarter and let you know what they are so you can see the quality and how they are made.

These Mouslings are so cute! I have a bunch of metal ones from Bones, but these are so much easier to manage and the detail is great! These mouslinsgs are all fantasy themed. Princess, Wizard, robin hood type, and so on. I cannot wait to paint these!

  Next up I have the new design of Mr. Bones! This guy is awesome. He has great detail, and is one solid piece of plastic!

I also got some Faeries and Centaurs.

And Dragon welplings                                                                                                          
 Got an awesome Shark and some sea nymphs

New Sophie

Also got a heroes pack, these were two of the heroes that didn't have to be put together.

So overall I am super happy with the minis I got. I was REALLY sad that their police box miniature only came in a add on set for 50$. It was not worth the money to me since all the other minis in the set were not ones I would have used and I desperately wanted that police box.

Overall I have been happy with the quality of the Bones minis in their new plastic line. I have so many of the metal figures, and I really like these way better.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Influenster Tide Pods w/ Febreze XoVoxBox

So I received my third VoxBox, my XoVoxBox. I got lots of great stuff to try this time. One of those items being Tide Pods with Febreze. I use the Tide sensitive pods normally, but I was definitely willing to give these a try.
The size sent to me is their refill bag with 10 pods in it. Upon opening the bag I could tell these would make my clothing smell good because the scent that was trapped in the bag filled the air! Always good when stuff that is meant to clean your clothing smells good.
The pods made my clothing smell great and you only need one per load, so it lasts a good ten washes, which is great not having to measure out any washing detergent.
I would definitely get these again!
I received these free for testing purposes!
If you have not heard of influenster, you should check out their webpage!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Bard Days Knight

So I have a new short story coming out (possibly later this month) in a fantastic anthology titled "A Bard Days Knight" (cover above). I am so excited for this anthology, it is always so fun to have a story in a book that has stories in it also written by your friends! This anthology has stories in it by Michael Ventrella, Tera Fulbright, and KT Pinto, to just name a few others.
My story "The Twisted Forest" is in this story. It is a high fantasy story following the adventure of an elf and her wards, as they travel through a forest that has been mangled by darkness from the past wars of the land.
Once the anthology is out I will post a link to it!

2015 Conventions!

Here is a list of the Sci-fi, Anime, Steampunk and Literary Conventions I will be attending in 2015. All these are subject to change. Most of these I am attending as a guest, or a costume contest judge! I always love meeting new people and talking, so please if you see me say Hi! As of now I am attending these:

IchibanCon - Costume Contest Judge
MarsCon- Writing/Costuming Guest

Katsucon- Head Costume Contest Dept. Head
Mysticon- Costume/Media/Writing Guest

Triad Anime Con- Costume Contest Judge
(Re)Generation Who- GWW Panel, Dept. Co-Head for the con

Ravencon- Writing/Costume/Media Guest

Animazement:- Costume Contest Judge
ConCarolinas- Media/Costume/Writing Guest

Anime Mid Atlantic- Costume Contest Judge

ConGregate- Media/Costume/Writing Guest






Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ipsy March Preview

So earlier today Ipsy released their March sneak peak after showing previews on facebook and Instagram all week. Ipsy has never let me down and I am excited to try the items I am getting in this months bag! There were so many great products that they offered this month and I was excited to see what I was getting. So check it out!

First off this months bag is so pretty! I am excited for the spring/flower look! I also also excited for the NYX lipstick, not sure what color I am getting (they have a nude/pink, purple and bright pink) I hope I get the nude pink, but any of them will work. The loose powder pigment will be fun to wear (either grey or copper), Big Sexy Hair cream will be fun to try (I use their shampoo and love it!), Dr Brandt Skincare is an amazing brand and their pores no more lotion looks amazing, and then the highlighter pencil looks interesting, I have only used tubed highlighters so it will be fun to try, because I am all about highlighters! I also be getting a Malin Gotez lip balm I used some points on, so woot for extras!
I am happy Ipsy does these sneak peaks, it would be cool to be totally surprised too, but it is cool to get an idea of what you are getting a few weeks before you get it.
Try Ipsy out by clicking here!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mysticon 2015!

Convention: Mysticon
Location: Roanoke, Va.
Date: Feb. 27- March 1st 2015

              This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a guest for Mysticon! A fantastic convention in Roanoke, Va. I was invited to the convention as a guest (this was my fourth Mysticon.) I arrived at the con in the afternoon on Friday, and went straight to my first panel, a showing of The Nephilim Chronicles, the tv pilot I filmed last year. I then went to my second panel, Budget Costuming, which was awesome and I got to be on the panel with some great costumers!  We talked about making costumes on a tight budget and how to get away with not spending a fortune! I then got a short break (which in that time I got to unload my car, and get into my hotel room.) My last panel for the night was, Moffat: Evil Genius or Evil, Genius. This panel went amazingly! So many thoughts on Moffat and his writing style, how he handles his characters and his stories on the shows he has and is writing. The audience was incredibly awesome in this panel, and helped make the experience of being a panelist on it great! Once my panels were done I went and got food (by this time I was suffering from a pretty bad migraine that had been working its way to maximum intensity all day.) so I sipped on some soup, sat in the dark and then once I was able to go out without feeling ill, I went out and hung out with friends and visited the Congregate and DC17 room parties. While at the parties I got to meet Sean Maher, he was incredibly nice and an amazing guest for the con!

          Saturday I was up and ready for my three panels and to judge the costume contest! I started off with a really fun panel on Social Media, and how to use it as a writer and artist (of any form.) My next panel was called Super Heroes Assemble, this panel was AMAZING! I was on it with a bunch of amazing people (Steve Long, Drew Meyer, Peter David (!!!) R.S. Belcher) it was so fun! We talked about comics, our dream super teams and scenarios! This was probably my favorite panel all weekend, it was just so fun! Once the super heroes panel was over I found some food (wasn't going to even let a migraine have a reason for creeping up oh me that day!) I then headed over to the Roanoke Whovians panel room and sat in on a woman of Doctor Who panel, which was a lot of fun! We talked about the ladies of who, how the Doctor helped and hurt them and how the ladies grew throughout the series. It was great! My last panel for the day was Raising the next Geek Generation! While I do not have a kid, I have taught children for a long time in a school setting, and have gotten a bunch of those kids into genre shows and books, so this panel was really fun to come at from an educator view over the others who were there as parents. A lot of great information on how to get your kids into fandom and how to help them overcome bullies or teasing if they get that in school because of their interests. Once my panels were done I booked it to the room to change for the costume contest judging, changed and got ready in 20 minutes and headed down to judging, judged the costume contest entries, then headed to the actual show! The costumes this year were amazing! Such amazing talent! I had so much fun seeing what people dressed as and how they made and constructed their costumes! Lots of fantastic entries!  I then found out that two of the films that I worked on that were entered into the film fest won awards, Disengaged and Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles.

               Once all my convention obligations were done I changed and got sushi with friends, it was sooooo good! Then back to the hotel to watch the concerts! Some great musicians, including one of my favorite bands Bella Morte! Which it is always great to see them in concert!
                 Sunday was a day to visit with friends and get ready to head home, I did not have any panels, so it was more just visiting with people! I headed home midday due to weather that was supposedly happening.

                    Mysticon was so much fun this year! So many wonderful people and so many amazing events and panels! I cannot wait until next year! This convention is so friendly!

XO VoxBox

So I was lucky enough to be selected for another VoxBox! The XO VoxBox! In this box there were lots of wonderful products to try out! So I got the box and here is a pic of all the stuff in it! I received the box free to try all the products and review!
This box had a lot of awesome house products and hair/skin/teeth products in it like;
1. Colgate Optic White  Express White Toothpaste
2. Colgate Optic White Toothbrush plus Built in Whitening Pen
3. Tide Pods with Febreeze
4. SkinFix Hand Repair Cream
5. John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in Treatment
6. Adore Me Bra and Undies
7. Ebay Virtual Box
8. Lands End discount code

So lots of awesome stuff in this box!

To start off, Ill start with the Colgate Products
The XOVoxBox came with a full sized Optic White Express White Toothpaste and a toothbrush that has a built in whitening tool. So far these have been great! The toothpaste is one I have not tried before (I have used Colgate toothpastes, but not the express white.) The toothbrush came right when I was needing a new one, and I love the whitening pen that fits right inside the toothbrush so the storage is great! Colgate is a brand most people know, and the quality is great!

The next item is the John Frieda Hair Care products
These are travel bottle sizes of John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth. It came with a shampoo, conditioner and a leave in treatment. I have been using this for a new days and the bottom of my hair that has been looking frizzy, doesn't seem to be quite as frizzy. The smell is nice and not overpowering and the bottles are great to go in my travel bag. I was excited for more hair care products after receiving the Hair Food in the ModaVoxBox, since I absolutely adored that!

Next up are the Tide Pods with Frebreeze
 I have been using Tide Pods for awhile now, normally in our house hold we use the Tide Sensitive ones, but I am excited to give these a try! Washing Laundry is one thing you can never get away with not doing, so getting the stuff to do at least 10 loads of laundry is awesome! Plus the inside of the bag has a really nice smell!

SkinFix Lotion 1 oz bottle!
SkinFix is a moisturizing lotion that is sold at Target (possibly other places but I have seen it at Target) A regular sized bottle retails for 17$, so I was excited to try it! It doesn't have a over powering smell and makes your hands feel smooth, there wasn't anything that really stood out for me with this one, it worked and with lotion that is a great thing!

Adore Me! Box
Adore me is a box of lingerie, night clothing or bathing suits that you can get, each month they add more. I ordered the set above, I love green so it was nice to get something new. Had I known the code didnt actually expire before valentines day I would have waited and gotten a bathing suit (the emails made it seem like it did expire before v-day) but I am happy with what I got. The quality is amazing, and the fit is great! Plus it is so pretty with the lace on it!  Check them out here.

This box also had a virtual box for ebay with it, where you do Ebay Guides and in return if you do them properly you get an ebay gift card. This is the third Ebay virtual box I have done and I got to spend the Ebay giftcards on some awesome stuff! So it is always nice to get giftcards!

There is also a code for 25$ off of a 100$ purchase at Land End. Not sure if it will get used since I do not have the money to spend 100$ on clothing right now, but I do like some of the items at Lands End so it is nice to have the option!

Overall this was a GREAT Influenster VoxBox! I got some great products for me, and my house/laundry. I love getting these boxes and trying out the products in them! It is so much fun to try out new stuff and with this website I get too! Try out Influenster here!