Thursday, March 31, 2016

[Influenster] L'OReal Cleansings Blams VoxBox

I have been doing Influenster for about two years now, and love it when they send me products to try out! I have gotten a lot of small item voxbox's recently (Slimfast, CoverGirl) and now the L'OReal.

The L'OReal  Cleansings Balms VoxBox came with one of three of the new L'OReal Cleansing balms. Each one is for a specific hair type. (Color-treated. curly, and Dry/Damaged) I received
the Dry/Damaged one.

The bottle says that the cleansing balm is made without sulfates, and you do not need a seperate conditioner after using the product. You use 6-8 pumps and massage it into your hair, keep it in for 3-5 minutes then wash it out. So pretty standard for shampoo.

I have used this all week, my hair, after washing my hair was easy to brush through (I generally always use a shampoo AND condition since my hair is very tangly.) I really have not seen any difference in my hair, but I am going to keep using the cleansing balm for another week, since in general it takes about two weeks for results to show up when using products.

I really do not have any negative aspects to share on the cleansing balm. I would like it to actually lather, since that is the one thing that I didnt like when putting it in my hair, but other than that really nothing else.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[Ipsy Bag] March Glam Bag Review!

I have been doing Ipsy for over a year now. I love this monthly bag, I get all types of new makeups each month (and hair products, and tools.) I rarely get items I do not like, and when I do, I can always find a friend or family member to pass it on too. 

The Bag

I loved this months bag, it is a Mint green-ish bag with peach colored flowers on it. Lots of room in this little bag too. This one will definitely get some use from me.

Margaret Dabbs London Super Shiner Buffer

This buffer was the first item I saw in my bag since it was not inside the bag (too big.) This was probably the only item I was a little lack luster about. It works well, I just don't buff my nails a lot. But it does work great and is really nice quality. You can find out more about it here!

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow Dry Cream

I always love it when Ipsy sends me hair products. I have pin straight hair that does not hold curl at all, so I rarely buy hair products past shampoo and conditioner. Getting to try new things and see how they work is like a little adventure when I get hair items in my bags. This one I was skeptical about since it seemed like it was more for curly hair. But after reading that is also had benefits like sealing split ends I was willing to give it a try, plus the oils it has in it are really good for your hair. So far it has been nice to use and does make my hair look shiny! A full size of this goes for $8.99 and can be found at Ulta!

Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold

I love blushes. I also love getting them in my Ipsy bag. Now I have gotten a few that were pretty SUPER bright and out there. That being said this blush was not that, it is probably my favorite one I have gotten because of the colors! 

I love the highlight look this blush give you, with just a tiny bit of color (since my skin already goes on the red side anyways so the lighter highlight look is what I love!)

The packaging is also nice, not too small, but it also doesn't take up a ton of space in your makeup bag! This blush duo retails for $18 and comes with a Kabuki brush when you purchase it (brush didnt come in the Ipsy bag.) You can find out more about it here.

Vera Mona Lotus Eyeshadow in Clover

My next item I got was an eyeshadow color, one that is not brown! Which was nice. The Vera Mona Lotus eye shadow in the color Clover, a pinkish color, it rather pretty, and the packaging is also very pretty! I love the lotus flower on it!

This color is really nice and has a lovely shine to it too. It could almost be a blush with the color of it. 

Vera Mona Lotus do not have single eye shadows on their webpage, this one comes in a pallet that they sell on their webpage. You can find it here.

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

My last item in my bag is the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the color "Kitten Heels". I was excited to try this one since I have tried other NYX lip products and they were nice. I was sad I got the red since Ipsy has sent me a lot of reds and I wear more nudes than anything when it comes to lip color. 

This lip color is pigmented! oh buddy so much color, and it is fantastic! It went on smooth and even and I really liked it! 

Very retro in the look of it, wish I wore red lipstick more since I would use this a lot with how well it went on. It retails for $7.00 and it comes in a lot of amazing colors! Find out more about it here! 

I got some really fun stuff this month in my Ipsy bag, and I was very happy with it all! Ipsy is $10 a month and you can find out more here! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[Loot Crate] March's LVL Up! Accessories

This months LVL Up!'s theme was VS. Which I was excited about because they hinted that the theme had to do with Batman vs. Superman, and one of my favorite lady comic characters is in the movie, Wonder Woman! So I was hoping for something having to do with her! 

I ended up with two accessories packs this month since I normally purchase one AND I won one through Le Fancy Geek's contest that she ran last month! 
LVL Up! Accessories sends you around two geeky themed accessories each month for 14.95. Each month has a different theme, and the items are normally exclusive to the bag.

I was so excited when I saw what was in this months package after I opened it up! The first item I laid my eyes on was the hair ties, which is something I use a lot. Also one of the is Wonder Woman, so woooooot!

Truthfully I am happy with all three designs since they have to do with comics and I adore all three characters! 

The next item is a set of necklaces with the Batman and Superman symbols on it. I love necklaces and I am excited to wear these, but I do wish LVL Up! would pick another item than a necklace since they have been in the bags for the last three-ish months. The BioWorld necklaces are amazing quality, however, so props to LVL Up! for picking a company that makes great products. So while I would like to see something other than the same item each month, I am very excited to wear these! 

I wear a lot of geeky jewelry and I have loved doing LVL Up! If this is something you would be interested in, then check it out here! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

[Tea Review] The Geeky Hostess "Mrs. Bennet's Nerve Tonic"

In February's Boom Box by Espionage Cosmetics they included a .5 oz. container of tea from the Geeky Hostess based off of Pride And Prejudice. The Geeky Hostess released a set of three teas inspired by the Book and the movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I sadly did not get February's Boom Box, but one of my friends who is not a tea drinker passed her tea on to me! (which I am really excited about, thank you Lizzy!!)

Mrs. Bennet's Nerve Tonic comes in a lovely metal tin and has the tops where you can see the lovely tea inside! It has Chamomile, rose, sage, lemongrass, and yellow sugar in it. It has a really flowery smell, with the Chamomile being the strongest from what I could smell. 

And look just how lovely that tea looks. So many colors, and so fresh looking. You can really taste the chamomile with hints of other flavors as well. But the chamomile is the dominant taste. It has a light taste that is pleasant. 

The Geeky Hostess has some really fun teas (and sprinkles!) in her shop. You can find them here!
To learn more about Espionage Cosmetics BOOM Box go here!

Also featured in the opening image is this fantastic mug by my friend, that I got at Regeneration Who 2! You can find her pottery online here

Saturday, March 26, 2016

[Geeky Food] Cold Stone Creamery Batman Vs. Superman Ice Cream Creations

Batman Vs. Superman came out in theaters this week, and there is a ton of marketing going on for this movie! Everything from toys, to some fun ice cream deserts at Cold Stone Creamery! I headed out to my local Cold Stone today to try one of the yummy ice cream concoctions (if I could have eaten two I would have trust me!)


There are three different creations, each after a character from the movie, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. 

Oh Batman! It's so soon! 

And each comes with a cute little plastic ring depicting the characters symbol! 

The actual creation was super yummy. The batman one was chocolate ice cream, cookies and I think chocolate syrup. It was all crammed inside a waffle cone! 

If I get a chance to try another (I used a gift card to get this one, so technically I still have enough to get the other two if I want to eat that much Ice Cream in a few days......) I would really like to try the Wonder Woman one, since taste wise that one also seemed pretty yummy sounding! 

You can find out info about these ice cream creations and the Batman Vs. Superman Ice cream cake that they also have HERE!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Geek Chic Cosmetics January Color of the Month "Krampus"

Geek Chic Cosmetics has started doing a Color of the Month for 2016! I love this idea and have started to order the colors each month to check them out! I also adore the name of January's color, "Krampus" I love the stories and mythology of Krampus so I was excited about this color and the super cute packaging for it!

The January color theme is on the back label, along with the year. They did re package this for further sale as one of their "Single Player" colors, so you can still get it off their webpage, the cute Krampus packaging was just available for the month of January (or until the 6th of the next month, so if your like me and want to save on shipping, you can get two months colors shipped together.)

The loose eye shadow comes in a screw top container that is 1 gram in size. This is a lot of loose pigment eye shadow and will last (well me at least) for a very long time! The loose shadow goes on smooth and has great coverage! It is a black-ish color with little bits of green glitter in it (which I absolutely love!) I did think it would be a bit greener in color from their photo on the Geek Chic Cosmetics webpage, but I am still very happy with the color of it!

The color went on great, and then when it was time to remove it, it came off without any staining with a makeup remover towelette. I have had many dark pigments stain my fair skin, so I was happy this one seems to not be one of them! 

The color worked great as an eye shadow and a lipstick (with a base on under it.)

You can find this lovely color on the Geek Chic Cosmetics webpage here! It retails for $5.99

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Korean Beauty Products] Beauteque Mask Maven February Bag

Mask Maven is a monthly bag where you get around 9-11 full sized face masks delivered in a drawstring bag. The masks can be anything from cute Korean animal face masks, eye masks to gel face masks. You can subscribe for one month or more, and you get a discount with the more you subscribe too. I was gifted a three month subscription from a friend, so I am looking forward to the next three months of face masks!

Fabulous February comes with 9 different masks, from green tea, to Honey, to blueberry masks! They all look fantastic and some have some really fun packaging too!

There are a few masks that you could get one or the other for, they have them all listed on this list. I really like that they have the instructions and what the mask is on this list, as well as what benefits the mask is supposed to have for your skin, since some of them are not all written in English (since these are Korean Face Masks.) 

The first mask I used was the Mizon face sheet mask. This is supposed to be a calming mask that soothes your skin. It also has moisturizer in it to moisturize your skin. I have not used a lot of these type of masks in the past (a few but not too many) this was when I first felt it felt slimy to me (in a good way) and when putting it on my face it felt good on my skin. 

I also look super scary in these masks, like a character out of a horror movie! 

I haven't gotten to use all the masks in this bag yet, but some of these have super cute artwork on the packages. I love the cute Green Tea and Honey Bee drawings on these.

As well as this one Black Face Sheet Mask that is a honey mask. This one smelled good when I had it on, and was very cooling on my skin. 

These two masks intrigue me, one is a "cactus" mask and the other is a "Snail and black pearl" mask, both are things I would normally not put on my face, but I really want to try them! 

 Leaders Sheet Mask had three different ones that could have come in your bag, you got one of those three. I got the AC-Dressing sheet mask that is supposed to fight acne and redness and reduce pre appearance. 

 My favorite of ALL the masks in this bag, the Animal Mask. These masks have designs on them, so when you wear they make your face look like the animal, in this case a Honey Bear. I was so excited a cute animal mask came in this months bag, since I love these things. This one contains honey, blueberry, raspberry and royal jelly to help elasticity, and hydrate your face. 

The last mask is a wash off blueberry mask. It had a lotion consistency once opened and was enough for at least two uses. This one is supposed to fight acne and signs of aging.

Mask Maven is $15 for a month to month subscription the more months you sign up the price goes down a little. I loved my first month of it and will hopefully be able to make it through all these masks before my next one comes (and if not then Ill just use them all up as fast as I can!) You can find more info here!