Saturday, March 26, 2016

[Geeky Food] Cold Stone Creamery Batman Vs. Superman Ice Cream Creations

Batman Vs. Superman came out in theaters this week, and there is a ton of marketing going on for this movie! Everything from toys, to some fun ice cream deserts at Cold Stone Creamery! I headed out to my local Cold Stone today to try one of the yummy ice cream concoctions (if I could have eaten two I would have trust me!)


There are three different creations, each after a character from the movie, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. 

Oh Batman! It's so soon! 

And each comes with a cute little plastic ring depicting the characters symbol! 

The actual creation was super yummy. The batman one was chocolate ice cream, cookies and I think chocolate syrup. It was all crammed inside a waffle cone! 

If I get a chance to try another (I used a gift card to get this one, so technically I still have enough to get the other two if I want to eat that much Ice Cream in a few days......) I would really like to try the Wonder Woman one, since taste wise that one also seemed pretty yummy sounding! 

You can find out info about these ice cream creations and the Batman Vs. Superman Ice cream cake that they also have HERE!

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