Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Resoucrce Water

So I am part of a program called Influenster, where you try out products they sent you for free, and you review them on different social media platforms and get the word out about their products and program. This is my second box of awesome stuff I have received from them ( this one being the #modavoxbox)

So I am going to write a mini review on the Resource Natural Spring Water they sent me in the box. The water bottle is huge! And is filled to the drinking nozzle. I appreciated that they shipped them with plastic bags over the water bottles, so if they got damaged they wouldn't leak. The water tasted great, was very refreshing and lasted a pretty long time since the bottle is so big. The water tasted better than normal bottled water, to me at least, and the design is also nice. Very smooth and appealing to the eye. Find out more about Resource at their webpage. they do a shipping program too.